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Blue book ch 7

voting requirements

What are the requirements to vote in Idaho? 1)citizen of U.S. 2)at least 18 years old 3) live in state and county for 30 days 4) registered
Name the county seat of Ada County Boise
Name the county seat of Canyon County Caldwell
On what date was Ada County established? December 22, 1864
In what year did Boise become the capital of Idaho? 1865
For whom was Ada county named? Ada Riggs, the first white child born in the area,and daughter of one of the founders of Boise, H.C. Riggs
For whom or what was Canyon County named? Either the canyon of the Boise River near Caldwell, or the Snake River canyon, which forms a county border
How many counties are there in Idaho? 44
How many state universities are there in Idaho and name them. 3; BSU, U of I, ISU
How many state colleges are there and name them. 5; CSI, CWI, Eastern Idaho Technical College, Lewis-Clark State College, North Idaho College
How many legislative districts are in Idaho? 35
How many members are there in the Idaho State legislature? 35 Senators and 70 Representatives. 105 altogether.
What are the requirements to become an Idaho Governor? most votes in general election, at least 30 years old, a US citizen, and a 2 year Idaho resident.
How many congressional districts are there in Idaho? 2
What are the qualifications to be a US Senator from Idaho? 1)greatest number of votes in general election, at least 30 years old, US citizen for at least 9 years, Idaho resident
What are the qualifications to be a US Congressman from Idaho? 1) greatest number of votes in general election 2)at least 25 years old 3) US citizen at least 7 years, Idaho resident
In which congressional district is Ada county? both, but mostly #2
What does the woman in the state seal signify? justice (she holds scales) liberty (liberty cap on the end of her spear) equality with man and freedom (stands by man's side)
What does the man in the state seal represent? Mining (the chief industry in Idaho at the time design was made in 1891)
What symbols in the state seal represent mining? The pick, the shovel, the ledge of rock, and pieces of ore, and the stamp mill.
What does the shield represent? The protection given to the state by its people
What does the tree represent? Idaho's timber interests
What do the man plowing and the sheaf of grain represent? Idaho's AGRICULTURAL resources.
What does the cornucopia (horn of plenty) represent? Idaho's HORTICULTURAL resources
What does the river signify? Idaho's Snake, or Shoshone River
What does the star signify? A new light in the galaxy of states
Who revised the state seal and in what year was it revised? Paul B Evans in 1957
Created by: historyB
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