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Ch 8/10 APUSH


Sally Hemmings Jefferson's slave that was thought to have Jefferson's children
Gallatin Secretary of State under Jefferson - disliked Hamilton's idea of debt
Peace of Amiens Halt in British-French war that made low American military good
Tripolitan Pirates Group of people in Northern Africa who America fought war against - cheaper war than protection against them
John Marshall Chief Justice under presidents until 1835
Judiciary Act of 1801 Act where size of the court lowered from 6 to 5 justices
Marbury v Madison Court Case that established judicial review
Louisiana Purchase The buy of the French lands west of the Mississippi that contained New Orleans (1803). Liked by Reps (liberty), disliked by Feds (eastern econ)
12th Amendment Set up the electoral college system - 2 ballots: 1 for VP and President
New Orleans Important port wanted by Jefferson, Bonaparte wanted it for trade with St. Domingue, slave rebellion denied this. Part of Louisiana purchase in 1803
Election of 1804 Burr vs Jefferson, 12th amendment put into place,
Aaron Burr Presidential candidate in 1800 and 1804, tied with Jefferson in 1800, Republican, Clinton chosen over him in 1804 nomination. Killed Hamilton after beating him as NY governor and helping Jefferson beat him in 1804
Lewis and Clark Expedition Jefferson's plan to explore new Louisiana, found Sacagawea and used her and husband for help w/ tribes, followed 3 rivers to Pacific
British Northern Confederacy Planned group of extreme Federalists ruled by Timothy Pickering that Burr joined. Made by NE, NY, PA, Novia Scotia. Failed after Jefferson. Went to Europe to try to convince Bonaparte of Mexico/US invasion by British/French
Broken Voyage/Orders in Council/Continental System (American) - French trade passed through US to be American, (British) - Blocked French Ports / (French) - No British acceptance. / All led to no trade w/ France
Chesapeake-Leonard British Leopard attacked American Chesapeake near American port, left bad spirit in US
The Embargo Act of 1807
Created by: uriel_magana
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