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Chapter 4:1-2

He wrote the Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson
He was a wealthy smuggler in Boston John Hancock
He was a leader of the Sons of Liberty and participated in the Boston Tea Party Sam Adams
He warned the minutemen that the redcoats were on their way to take the colonists' weapons Paul Revere
He was the King of England George III
He was the commander of the Continental Army George Washington
They wrote letters to inform themselves about politics Committees of Correspondence
They encouraged riots and other acts of violence against the British Sons of Liberty
He was killed at the Boston Massacre Crispus Attucks
This law was the first attempt by the British to actually collect taxes from the Colonies Sugar Act
This tax was on all printed materials Stamp Tax
This tax led to to the Boston Tea Party Tea Tax
This law punished Boston for the Boston Tea Party Intollerable Acts
This law created a non-representative government in a nearby British Colony Quebec Act
This is a form of protest that involves not buying certain products Non-importation agreement
This is where the First and Second Continental Congresses met Philadelphia
The first shots of the American Revolution were fired in this small town Lexington
The Americans were storing weapons in this small town Concord
They were responsible for killing 5 colonists in the Boston Massacre Redcoats
He wrote Common Sense Thomas Paine
What idea was promoted in Common Sense? Independence
Who was the primary influence on the Declaration of Independence? John Locke
According to the Declaration of Independence, what is the source of government's power? The consent of the governed
According to the Declaration of Independence, what is the purpose of government? Protect our God given rights
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