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World War I

Frontier region Germany took from France in the Franco-Prussian War Alsace-Lorraine
Pre War allince consisting of Germay, Italy and Austria-Hungary Triple Alliance
Wartime alliance that included Ottoman Empire Central Powers
Site of the last major offensive of the war on the Western Front featuring the americans Meuse-Argonne
Peacetime organization pushed for by Wilson League of Nations
Side the USA backed during WWI Allies
Country where the Bolsheviks seized power in 1917 Russia
Mineral rich region of Germany on the French Border Saar Valley
Place where the Peace treaty was signed Palace of Versailles
Region known as the powderkeg of Europe Balkan mountain region
People who want to outlaw war are called what? Pacifist
Secret Allied treaties were published by these people in 1917 Bolsheviks
What happened to former German colonies after the Treaty of Versailles They became Mandates
These were payments made by defeated nations to compensate for war damages Reparations
Avoiding political relationships with other nations is called ? Isolationism
He was the wartime Food Administrator Herbert Hoover
He was the head of the War Industries Board Bernard Baruch
John Pershing was the commander of this A.E.F
Who was the lone representative to vote against the war in congress Jeanette Rankin
One of the founders of the Women's Peace Party Jane Adams
Conservative Republican Senator suspicious of the League of Nations Henry Cabot Lodge
This person ran the Committee on Public Information George Creel
This part of the treaty forced Germay to accept blame for the war War Guilt Clause
A german torpedo sank this ocean liner in 1915 claiming it carried contraband Lusitania
How were American merchant ships protected crossing the Atlantic Convoy System
What was the list of Wilson's war aims called 14 Points
Mass movement of African Americans from the South to the North Great Migration
This prominent African American supported the American war effort. WEB Dubois
This principle supported the idea that ethnic groups could/should make their own decisions in the future Self Determination
Germany agreed not to sink passenger ships with this promise Sussex Pledge
Vittorio Orlando was the leader of what country at the Treaty of Versailles Italy
Alvin York's position on the war before he became a hero Conscientious Objector
This man's assassination triggered WWI Archduke Franz Ferdinand
What country did Austria-Hingary blame for the death of their crown prince? Serbia
Protection against U-Boats was assured when what country entered the war USA
What laws were passed that suppressed opposition to the war? Espionage and Sedition Acts
The American Expeditionary force helped to halt the 1918 German Offensive into what country France
This government organization encouraged mass production to increase efficiency War Industires Board
This newspaper encouraged many African Americans to migrate to the North Chicago Defender
Who was the leader of Russia at the start of WWI Czar Nicholas II
New nations in Eastern Europe were created to act as a buffer against who Bolsheviks/Communists
This law set up the conditions for the draft in America Selective Service Act
Who was the German Foreign minister that sent a telegram to Mexico Arthur Zimmerman
Germany's attack of this country ultimately convinced Great Britain to enter the war Belgium
This world peace organization was proposes at Versailles League of Nations
What did the last of Wilson's 14 points propose? A league of Nations
What was the main goal of the European nations at the Treaty of Versailles Pursue their own national interests
Which alliance later became known as the Central Powers The Triple Alliance
Who was the British representative at the Treaty of Versailles David Lloyd George
Intense Patriotism for your country can be called? Nationalism
America's Ace of Aces Eddie Rickenbacker
German city turned into a neutral or free city so Poland could have access to the sea Danzig
Area of Germany Demilitarized by the Treaty of Versailles Rhineland
Colonies taken from defeated countries and administered until deemed ready for independence Mandates
The number of troops Germany's army could posses after the war 100,000
Mineral rich area of Germany that France was allowed to mine for 15 years after the war Saar Valley
Central Power nation broken up after the war Austria-Hungary
Name given to the isolation of Russia Quarantine or Buffer Zone
Russian Communist Leader VI Lenin
Since only the Big four made the major decisions at Versailles, many Germans viewed it as what type of peace? Dictated Peace
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