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Ites - Muc/o

-ites dropsy or drooping
-itis inflamed or inflammation; glossitis- inflmation of the toungue
-ity state of; sterility- a state of being barren
-ize state of or acts like; cauterize- state of burning
jejuno- to empty (2nd part of small intestine); jeujunum- to emby the second part of the samll intestine
junctiv/o- joing or to join; conjuctivitis- inflamtion of the portion that joines together the eyelid and ocular parts
kali- potassium; kalipenia- decrease of potasium
kary/o- nucleus; karyokinesis- nucleus/movement or motion
kel/o- scar; keloid- reseembling a scar, a rasied hard reddened scar
kerat/o- cornea or horny; kerataomalacia- refering to the softening of the cornea
ket/o- sour or acid; ketosis- conditon of being sour or acid
kil/o- one thousand; kilogram- a thousand grams
kine- movement or motion; kinetic- condition of movement
kraur/o- dryness; kraurosis- condition of dryness
kypho- hunchback; kyphosis- conditon of being hunchback
labio- lip; labioma- lip tumor
labrynitho- maze; labrynithitis- inflammation of maze
lacer/o- to tear; lacerate- refering to a tear
lacrimo- tearing or tear; lacrimal- refering to a tear or tearing
lact/o- milk; lactose- sugar milk
lamin/o- thin flat plate or layer; laminectomy- removal of a thin flat plate or layer
lap/i- stone; lapis- refering to a stone
-lapse falling or slippage; prolapse- before something falls and slips, meaning the normal before hand
laryngo- voice box; laryngitis- inflmmation of the voice box
lat- side; lateral- refering to the side
lax- to loosen or loosening; relaxation- process of loosening up
lei/o- smooth; leiomyoma- smooth muscle tumor
lent/o- freckle
lepr/o- scaly; leprosy- the process of getting scaly growths
-lepsy seizure or convulsion; epilepsy- process of creating seizures
lepto- thin or slender; leptomorphic- refers to thin or slend shape
leuk/o- white; leukapheresis- seperating white blood cells
levat/o- lift up; levator- one who lifts up
libid/o- desire
lichen/i- plant, its a type of moss
lieno- spleen; lienitis- inflamtion of the spleen
liga- to bind; ligament- a state of binding bone to bone
lingu- tongue; bilingual- pertains to knowing two tongues
lip/o- fat; lipoma- fat tumor
-listhesis slippage; spondylolisthesis- condition where the veterbrae are slipping
liter liter
lith/o- stone, calculus or rock; nephrolith- kidney stones
lob/o- lobe; lobectomy- procedure of cutting out usually a lung
lord/o- swawyback (to bend); lordosis- conditon of swayback
lumb/o- loin; lumbar- loin
lump- small mass; lumpectomy- removal of a small mass
luna- moon or crescent-shaped
lupus wolf
lute/o- yellow; luteal- yellow body like a corpus luteum
lux- to dislocate; subluxation- refering to a dislocate
lymph/o- watery; lymphoma- welling of the tumor with watery fluid
-lysis destruction, breakdown, declinging; autolysis- self destruction
macer/o- to make soft; maceration- process of making soft
macro- large or huge; macrophage- large or huge eaters
macul/o- large spot or flat skin freckle; macula lutea- yellow large skin freckle
magni- large or greater; magnification- to make bigger
mal- bad, harm, injury; malignant- refering to a harmful injury
malac/o- soft or softening; osteromalacia- pertaiing to the softening of bones
mall/e/olus little hammer; malleolus- small hammer
malle/o- hammer; malleus- middle ear bone
mamm/o- breast; mammary- refers to the breast
man/o- hand; manual- pertaining to the hand
mand/i- chew or chewer; mandible- the part of your body that chews
-mania madness; kleptomaniac- madness of stealing
masset/o- chewer or to chew; masseter- one who chews
masseur male massager; masseur- giving massages
mast/o- breast; mastectomy- removal of breasts
mastic/o- to chew or chwing; mastication- process of chewing
-mata multiple; carcinomata- multiple crab-like growths
maxill/o- upper jaw; maxillary- referring to the jaw
measles rubella, reddish or red
meat/o- opening; meatus- refering to an opening
medi- middle; median- refering to middle
mega- great or big; megacolon- great or big large intestine
megalo- huge or large; hepatomegally- creation of huge liver
mei/o and mio- lesser, smaller, fewer and constrict; meiosis- to make smaller by splitting
mel- sweet, honey, cheek, limb; melitis, inflammation of the cheek.
melan/o- black; melanoma- skin cancer caused by a black tumor
men/o- monthly or month; menopause- monthlies
mening/o- membrane; menigitis- inflammation of the CNS membrane
menisc/o- cresecnt- knee cartilage that is in the shape of half moon or c
ment/o- mind; mental- pertains to mind
-mentum chin; antementum- before the chin
mes/o- middle; mesoderm- the middle layer of skin
meta- beyond or change; metastasis- changing from standing cancer or spreading of cancer
-meter measurement; spirometer- a breath measurement
metr/a- uterus or womb, endometritis- inflmation within the womb
-metry measurement procedure; optometry- a measuring process of vison
micro- small; microglossia- refering to a small tongue
mictur/o- to make water or urinate; micturition- proces of making water or urinate
milli- one-thousandth
minimus- smallest; minimum- refers to smallest
minute- small
-mitr/e head band or mitre box; mitral- refering to a head band
molo- to mill or grind; molar- refer to mill or grinding
mon/o- one; monocucleosis- condition of one nucleous
morpho- shape; amorphous- wihtout shape or form
mort/o- death; mortal- refering to death
-motor movement or motion; oculomotor- eye movement
muc/o- slime; mucoid- resembles slime
Created by: kccroy
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