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Fertile Cresecent

Monotheism -Belief in one god
Polytheism -Belief in multiple gods
Judaism -found in the hebrew bible, considered by Jews and Christians
Moses -rose to lead the Israelites
Abraham -mentioned in the first book of the Hebrew Bible
Ashur+Nineveh -Assyria's largest cities
Hammurabi -Babylon's King
Decade -10 year span
code of law -a written collection of laws that apply to the people ruled by one government
Mount Sinai -a mountain in the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt
Jerusalem - a city in central Israel west of the Dead Sea, has been a place of pilgrimage and worship for Christians, Jews and Muslims since the biblical era
Sargon -ruled Sumer for about 56 years
Gilgamesh -Gilgamesh is the main character in the Epic of Gilgamesh, a poem that is considered the first great work of literature
Mesopotamia -ruled Sumer for about 100 years
Assyria -a large kingdom to the north of Sumer
Canaan -a region in the Ancient Near East.
Tigris/Euphrates River -the main rivers in Mesopotamia
Ten Commandments -also known as the Decalogue, are a set of commandments which the Bible describes as having been given to the Israelites by God at biblical Mount Sinai
Torah -the central reference of the religious Judaic tradition, there are 5 books
Diaspora -Jews living outside of Israel
Israel -a Middle Eastern country on the Mediterranean Sea, is regarded by Jews, Christians and Muslims as the biblical Holy Land
Prophet -a person regarded as an inspired teacher or proclaimer of the will of God
Aqueduct -an artificial channel for conveying water, typically in the form of a bridge supported by tall columns across a valley
Irrigation - the watering of land to make it ready for agriculture
Solomon -the King of Israel, and he son of David
David -the second King of Israel
Levee -an embankment built to prevent the overflow of a river
Silt -fine sand, clay, or other material carried by running water and deposited as a sediment, especially in a channel or harbor
Erosion -the process of eroding or being eroded by wind, water, or other natural causes
Time Line -a way of displaying a list of events
Cuneiform -Sumer's official writing system, using drawings as symbols
Scribe -Official Writers, write laws, stories, events
Ziggurat -a tall flattened pyramid at the top of a temple
Covenant -an agreement
Empire -an extensive group of states or countries under a single supreme authority, emperor or empress
city-state -a city that with its surrounding territory forms an independent state
Egypt -a country linking northeast Africa with the Middle East
Drought -a long period of time without water
Created by: madcat2004