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land of freedom USA

what was the red scare? communist were people who believed in overthrowing the government in a revolution.
why were Americans terrified of communists? It threatened the "American" way of life,
when did the USSR make their atomic bomb? 1949
when did the USSR become communist? 1917
when did china become communist? 1949
when was the Korean war? 1950
when was captain American brought back from the dead to fight communists? 1953
what did the HUAC have the right to do? Investigate anyone doing anything un-American
what did un-American mean? it mostly meant communist activities.
who did the HUAC question for producing anti American pro communist motion pictures? the Hollywood 10
what could the HUAC do to stop people from working who were thought to be communist? they could get people blacklisted.
what mistake did McCarthy make in 1954? he accused the army of being communists.
what happened to McCarthy after he accused the army of being communist? his actions were televised and he lost his supporters.
what did immigration do? Gave them the chance to make more money there, freedom of speech and language, more jobs, lots of land and natural resources as well as free from slavery.
why did people in the 1920's want to reduce immigration? the immigrants were often fro eastern Europe and they were often poor, and letting communists in.
when were the literary tests introduced? 1917
when was the national origins act? 1924
in 1929 how many immigrants were allowed in? 150,000 but no Asians.
by what year did immigration vertically stop? 1930
when was the emergency quota act? 1921
when was the immigration act introduced? 1965
what was the immigration act? it abolished national origins system which led in an increase in Hispanics entering USA from mexico.
what discrimination did the Hispanics suffer? few graduated from schools, they had no health cover,they were stereotyped as lazy, earned less than white people and many lived in poverty
what did black Americans suffer? Lynching, earned 30% less than whites, weren't allowed to vote, the KKK, Jim crow laws, segregation.
what did the black panthers use? they used violence to fight for equality black power.
what did Malcolm X do? he used violence to believe in black people being better than whites.
bus boycott was in what year? 1954
what happened in the bus boycott? black refused to ride on the segregated buses they walked and car pooled for 12 months causing the bus company to nearly go bankrupted.
civil rights act 1957 it gave the right to vote and to intervene with people stopping blacks from voting.
how were native Americans treated? tried to destroyed their way of life,took land, children forced to go to boarding school, they had to convert to Christians and many traditions weren't allowed.
Created by: megxo
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