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History and Development

When one country takes over another, usually for its resources? Imperialism
What is love for one’s country? Nationalism
What was the forced segregation between whites and blacks in South Africa? Apartheid
What were the areas called where black South Africans were forced to live during Apartheid? Homelands
What was Nelson Mandela’s political party? African National Congress
What is another word for divide? Done to land in Africa. Partition
What was the race between European countries to gain colonies in Africa called? Scramble for Africa
What was the idea that people of African descent share a common history, culture, and experience therefore should work together throughout the world because of their common culture? Pan-Africanism
Who was the first black president of South Africa? Nelson Mandela
Who was the first elected president of Kenya? Jomo Kenyatta
Who was the last president of South Africa under Apartheid and helped to end Apartheid and released Nelson Mandela from prison? F.W. de Klerk
What problems has oil caused in Nigeria? Corruption in the government, oil pollution, and fighting
When did most countries in Africa gain their independence? 1950s and 1960s
Why was there a civil war in Nigeria? There was fighting between Christian south and Muslim north over who could control the government.
How did Kenya gain independence? voting
How did South Africa gain independence? voting
When was Africa divided into colonies? At what conference did that happen? Berlin Conference in 1884 and 1885
Why has it been hard to build stable governments in Africa? European partitioning divided ethnic groups into different countries and placed rival ethnic groups in the same country.
What 2 European countries had the most colonies in Africa? Great Britain and France
Besides ethnic conflict, what other problems did African countries face after independence? Unstable or corrupt governments, civil wars, loss of resources, destruction of African culture
Which two European countries colonized South Africa? Netherlands (Dutch) and UK (British)
Why did France and Britain both want to control Egypt? Control over the Suez Canal
What was a positive outcome of colonialism in Africa? Infrastructure (roads, bridges, railroads), hospitals and schools
Why did Europeans create colonies in Africa? To gain natural resources (raw materials), gain more land, competition with other European nations, and new markets in which to sell their goods.
Explain how Nelson Mandela and F. W. de Klerk are important figures in South African history. Nelson Mandela was the leader of the ANC political party and opposed Apartheid. He became the first black president of South Africa in 1994. F.W. de Klerk was the last president of South Africa during Apartheid and worked to end Apartheid.
Explain apartheid in South Africa. Describe what life was like during apartheid and how it ended. For whites life was good, but for all other groups they had live with discrimination. Blacks were forced to live on homelands and had to carry a passbook with them. Apartheid was ended by F.W. de Klerk after mass protests and international pressure.
What problems did European colonizers create when they drew political boundaries in the region? European partitioning divided ethnic groups into different countries and placed rival ethnic groups in the same country. These divisions have led to civil war and continuing government instability.
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