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HI Pp. 103-107

Ch. 9 QUIZ

During whose reign did the Christians experience their first major persecution by the Romans? Nero
What disciple was beheaded? Apostle Paul
What disciple was crucified upside down? Apostle Peter
The second great persecution erupted when what emperor demanded to be worshiped? Domitian
What disciple was exiled to the island of Patmos? Apostle John
vast galleries beneath the city that Christians went to worship in secret Catacombs
bishop of Antioch Ignatius
a Stoic philosopher emperor who was an ardent hater of Christians Marcus Aurelius
a Christian slave girl who was tortured day and night Blandina
martyrs who were gored to death by savage beasts at Carthage Perpetua and Felicitas
pupil of Polycarp and bishop of Lyons in Gaul Irenaeus
In the seventh persecution under whose reign was it even worse than the preceding six? Decius
a Christian philosopher and theologian from Alexandria, escaped the persecution under Maximus Thrax, but was so horribly mutilated in Decius's persecution that he died shortly Origen
the church father who wrote of Decius's persecution Cyprian of Carthage
The tenth and greatest persecution came under what "reforming" emperor? Diocletian
Diocletian's co-emperor who proclaimed himself as official Dominus Noster ("Our Lord") Maximian
proclaimed toleration for the Christians of the east Galerius
Who extended legal protection and recognition to Christians throughout the empire? Constantine 1
What else did Constantine 1 enact and when? Edict of Milan in 313
a number of godly men to expound on the scriptures, defend the faith, and champion cause of Christ Church fathers
three who were pupils of the apostle John Ignatius, Polycarp, and Papias
those who attempted to reasonably defend Christianity against pagan defamations Apologists
two Christian apologists of the early church period Aristides and Justin Martyr
pupil of Justin Martyr, compiled the first harmony of the Gospels, wrote Address to the Greeks Tatian
wrote against Gnosticism in his work Against All Heresies Irenaeus
denied the doctrine of the Trinity Monarchianism
the most learned man in the early church, wrote the first book of systematic theology in the early church Origen
translated the Scriptures into the common Bible of the early western church, the Latin Vulgate Jerome
the greatest of the church fathers, wrote Confessions Augustine
the first systematic Christian philosophy of history City of God
confessions of faith Creeds
the earliest creed Apostles' Creed
a false doctrine which denied the deity of Christ Arianism
the third great creed Athanasian
under him Christianity became the only legal faith, the state religion of the Roman empire Theodosius 1
offered up the Lord's body and blood as a sacrifice for the living and dead Presbyters or Sacerdotes
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