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Fa├žade back wall with 3 doors
machinery above and below stage, smoke, traps, SFX, pulleys, cranes
shareholder a group of actors that hold the share, invest in theatre
renaissance rebirth, renewal
merchant class wealthy, against theater, took away from business
inns of court university for reading and writing
forestage mainstage
discovery space upstage, device used for evesdropping
John Lyly light, delicate, comedies
Master of Revels gave permission to perform, hired by the queen
lighting natural light
hired men tech crew
Christopher Marlowe tragedy writer, historical writing, died young, perfected blank verse
Aphra Behn woman who dressed as a man, spy, drank and smoked, bisexual, proffesional female writer, favored by the queen, multiple lovers
Pit or yard cheap seats, area in front of stage, groundlings
Thomas kyd wrote "the Spanish Tragedy", developed revenge play
Created by: acurtin