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Qtr 1 Final Review


Battle of Yorktown The last major battle of the American Revolution
Boston Tea Party A rebellious event that was used to send a message to the British about how the colonists felt towards the tea act.
Columbus -Interactions with indigenous peoples They were forced to work in the encomienda system, exposed to deadly diseases and intermarried with the Spanish
Battle of Saratoga Turning point in the Revolutionary War because it convinced the French to support the colonists
Trail of Tears Indian Removal Act 1830 forces Native Americans off their lands. Soldiers forced Cherokee to the west.
War of 1812—causes 1. British furnished arms to Native Americans and encouraged them to attack settlers in the Northwest Territory. 2. British "impressment" (forcing US sailor into service)
War of 1812- effects 1. American industries grow. 2. Status of US as free and independent nation confirmed. 3. Federalists die out since they opposed the war
Lincoln-Douglas debates Series of 7 debates. Douglas won the senate, but the debates gave Lincoln fame and helped him win presidency.
Battle of Bull Run 1st official battle of the Civil war. The ill prepared Union suffered heavy defeat.
Battle of Antietam The Civil War battle in which the Northern troops succeeded in halting General Lee's Confederate forces in Maryland. It was the bloodiest battle of the war and resulted in 25,000 casualties.
Battle of Gettysburg Sight of the last Confederate invasion of the Union. This was a huge battle and the Union won and the South was depleted of supplies and men. This was a turning point of the war.
Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire Disaster forced state and national attention on working conditions in factories and stores
Appomattox Court House This is where Grant cornered Lee in 1865, ending the Civil War.
Wounded Knee Site of Battle US soldiers massacred 300 unarmed Native American in 1890. This ended the Indian War.
Created by: PLHShistory1