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Lessons 1 and 2

raw material a natural resource that can be used to make a product.
ally a friend, especially in times of war.
treaty an agreement between groups or countries.
land grant a gift of land from the government.
plantation a large farm.
planter a plantation owner.
indentured servant a person who agrees to work for another person without pay for a certain length of time, usually in return for travel or living expenses.
descendant a person’s children, grandchildren, and so on.
In 1754 who went to war in Europe? France and Britain
Because the French and the British were both helped by their Native American allies, the war became known as the? French and Indian War
Spain joined what country and its Native American allies to fight the British? France
The British captured what, the capital of Cuba, and one of Spain’s most valuable ports? Havana
When the war ended the countries signed the? Treaty of Paris
To get Cuba back, Spain gave up what to Britain? The Florida colony
Florida was a challenge for the British because? The Spanish did not want to live under British rule.
Florida was so large that the British split it into how many colonies? Two
What were the two colonies the British created in Florida called? West Florida and East Florida.
The capital of West Florida was? Pensacola.
The capital of East Florida was? St. Augustine.
West Florida’s soil was too sandy for? farming
East Florida had excellent farm land, but needed more? people
The British government gave out what to attract people to East Florida? land grants
Some wealthy settlers in East Florida started what? Plantations
Plantation owners needed many workers to run their large farms so they had? enslaved Africans (slaves)
Five main crops grown in Florida were? citrus fruit, rice, cotton, sugarcane, or indigo.
In the 1500s what countries all began claiming lands in the Americas? England, France, Holland, and Portugal
The English colonies provided England with what products? fish, tobacco, wood, iron ore, and other raw materials
English settlers in the what colony were angry with Spanish colonists in Florida? Carolina
In 1702 the governor of Carolina, James Moore, led about 1,200 English soldiers and allies in an attack on what? St. Augustine
In 1733 Britain started it’s thirteenth colony named?. Georgia
The first governor of Georgia, was whom? James Oglethorphe
In 1740 Oglethorpe and his men marched to Fort Mose, nobody was there, so they? set the fort on fire.
Which Indians from Alabama and Georgia began moving into northern Florida? The Creek and Yuchi
The Yamasees, allies of the British, were also living in Florida, they were called? Seminoles
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