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The Nationalist Era

What road constructed the national government connected Cumberland,Maryland to Wheeling Virginia? Cumberland or National Road
What name and what year was given to Monroe's Administration? The Era Of good Feelings 1820
The case in supreme court that ruled against a transportation monopoly granted by New York State legislature to Robert Livingston and Robert Fulton Gibbons vs. Odgen
Which case did the supreme court rule that a state did not have the right to interfere Charter Private College? The Dartmouth College Case
What term means buying land with the intention of selling at a profit when the market price rises? Speculation
What was John Calhoun's plan for a long Range Program of internal improvements at public expense? The Bonus Bill
What tariff placed a higher duty on imported goods to protect American Manufacturers from foreign competition? Protective Tariff
Who was Monroe's secretary of state? John Quincy Adams
What was the Rush-Bagot Agreement? The greatest in improving foreign relations when two powers agreed to total disarmament on the Great Lakes and Lake Champlain.
The treaty in which Spain ceded all of Florida to the U.S Adams-Onis Treaty
Three heroes in the Latin American Wars for Independence Simon Bolivar, Father Miguel Hidalgo, Jose de San Martin
The Monroe Doctrine pledged that the U.S would not interfere European affairs
hero of the Battle of New Orleans Andrew Jackson
People of Spanish or French descent born in the U.S. Creoles
Happened in 1822 between Austin, Prussia, Russia, and France that vowed to put down a revolutionary uprising in Spain Congress of Verona
The issue that created the greatest sectional conflict slavery
Created by: Emily Mayfield
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