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Social Studies

CBA #1 Review

What industries are in Galveston and Corpus Christi? Fishing
Why did the Apache Indians live in teepees? Easy to move from place to place
What were the 3G's or 3 reason explorers came to the New World? God, Glory, Gold.
Why was the first settlement of Texas established? Religious reasons.
Which explorer was kidnapped by the Karankawa Indians? Cabeza de Vaca
What were the effects of European Exploration on Native Americans? Became ill from new diseases, became slaves, learned about new foods, and protective of their land.
What is a map key used for? A small description of the symbols used in a map.
Why did people place their settlements by a river? Fresh water is important for human and animal life.
Who founded the settlement of Victoria? Martin de Leon
What kind of home did the Caddo Indians live in? Beehive shaped homes
Who is the Father of the Rio Grande River? Jose Escandon
What important document protects the right of U.S. citizens? The Bill of Rights
What geographical feature covers most of Texas? Plains region
What is another name for the Great Plains region of Texas? The Panhandle
In what part of Texas is the city of Houston located? Coastal Plains
What was the outcome of LaSalle's exploration of the New World? The Spanish began exploring and settling the New World.
What did the Indians cross to get from Asia to North America during the Ice Age? The Bering Strait
Created by: anna.young
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