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westward expansion

for eight graders!!!11

University of Georgia America's first publicly supported institute of higher learning. this university had a lot of financial difficulties while trying to begin
charter a written grant by a country's legistlative or soveregin power , by which an institution such as a company, college, or city is created its rights have been established
land grant university an institution of higher education in the United States designated by a state to get the benefits of the Morrill acts
louisville was Georgia's third state capital following savanah and augusta
methodist a christian demonation that was started by John Wesley. He believed in bringing the church to the people, and accepting all people.
baptist a group of christian demonations and churches that subscribe to a doctrine that the religion should be preformed by only believers of it
second great awakening was a nation-wide movement that result in a dramatic increase of new protestant (non- catholic christians) churches.
camp meetings to help increase their membership and provide social interaction to isolated frontier families. That lasted all day, and sometimes week- long events.
circuit riders ministers who ride from small town and preach
land lotteries the state of georgia wanted good citizens to settle the western lands and gave tracts away freely. The land was laid out in lots of varying sizes depending on the quality of the farm land
Yazoo Land Fraud the worst political scandal in Georgia's history
Cotton Gin a machine that seperated cotton from its seed
railroad a track or set of tracks made of steel rails along which passangers and freight trains run along
cotton the plant that is commerically grown for many different products. To make clothes, oil, and a protein rich flour are also obtained from this plants seeds
tobacco A plant that is grown to smoke or chew on was originally the main crop grown in Georgia but it dried out the soil of the plantations.
slavery A condition compared to that of a slave in respect of exhasting back breaking labor and restricted freedom
eli whitney an american inventor of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centries. This inventor " invented" the Cotton Gin
yazoo land act an act that allowed four land compainies to buy and sell land and when they were done they were supposed to send the money to the Georgia Governor
head right system the white male head of the family had the "right" to recive free land up to 200 acres per head of the household
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