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RW History

Revolutionary War History Study Stack

Who came together/met in in Philadelphia? Second Continental Congress
Who was named as Commander of the Continental Army? George Washington
Who took command of 14,500 colonial militia in Boston? George Washington
Who asked KGIII for reconciliation? Olive Branch Petition
Who appointed first Postmaster General? Ben Franklin
Who reconvened with delegates from Georgia present? (came together after break) Second Continental Congress
Who served as President in 1775? John Hancock
Who authorized a navy in 1775? Congress
Who converted fishing vessels into armed ships? Col. John Glover
Who replaced Thomas Gage as Commander of British troops in North America? Maj. Gen. William Howe
Where is the British-controlled fort located? It is located along the Hudson River near the New York- Vermont border
What did The British-controlled fort house? The fort housed cannons and supplies
Who led the Green Mountain Boys of Vermont? Ethan Allen
Who led men from western Massachusetts? Benedict Arnold
What is the British-controlled for house called? Fort Ticonderoga

Who led an attack on the fort and caught the British by surprise during what? Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold during Fort Ticonderoga
What happened to Fort Ticonderoga? (hint: "war") It was captured without a fight
Who arrived in Boston July 16, 1775? Three major generals
Who did these three major generals assist? Lt. General Thomas Gage: Sir William Howe, Sir Henry Clinton, and John Burgoyne
What did the American forces do under the leadership of William Prescott? They dug in on Breed’s Hill overlooking the Boston Harbor
What was British's attempt on Bunker Hill? They use a frontal assault
What was the British's formation? They carried heavy packs and staying in the standard tight formation and walked up the hill straight into the middle
Who said “Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes!” ? Prescott
What happened to the Americans on the British's third time walking up the hill? The Americans ran out of gunpowder and were forced to retreat giving up both Breed’s Hill and Bunker Hill.
Who won Bunker Hill's fight and what happen to their population? The British suffered a high number of casualties despite their victory.
Who led an army from Fort Ticonderoga and seized Montreal, November, 1775? Brig. Gen. Richard Montgomery
Who led a second army through Maine and joined forces with Montgomery in Quebec during what? Benedict Arnold during the Battle of Quebec
Who provided minimal support to the Americans? The French Canadians
Who attacked Quebec and were soundly defeated during what? The Americans during the Battle of Quebec
Who was killed and Arnold was wounded during what? Montgomery during the Battle of Quebec
What happened to nearly 400 of Arnold’s men? They were killed or captured
Who had to camp outside of the city for the winter before limping home in May and during what? Americans during the Battle of Quebec
What did Richard Henry Lee do? He delivered a resolution form Virginia urging Congress to declare independence
Who was on the "Congress appointed committee" that drafted a document? Thomas Jefferson (top man); Ben Franklin; John Adams; Roger Sherman; Robert Livingston
Who voted unanimously in favor of independence on July 2? Continental Congress
What happened on July 4 (that was suppose to happen on July 2)? Continental Congress approved of Jefferson's Declaration of Independence
Who was the first to sign the document and who was his signature? John Hancock/ His signature was big
What are the four parts to the Declaration of Independence and what are they? Preamble (Introduction) / Natural Rights (God-given right that a government can not take away) / British Wrongs (list of grievances) / Resolution of Independence
What are America's Advantages? Fighting on their home turf/ Good hunters/ American rifle vs. British smoothbore muskets/ Officers were trained by the British in the French and Indians war/ Superior Leadership/ Spirit of Independence
What are America's Disadvantages? Lack of training and discipline/ No navy/ Shortage of just about everything (ammunition, clothing, medical supplies, food)/ One third of the colonist remained loyal to Britain/ Smaller population/ Short term enlistments hurt numbers
What are Britain's Advantage? Well-equipped, well-trained, disciplined fighting force/ Most powerful navy in the world at the time/ Rick war chest/ Cooperation of American Loyalist/ Larger population/ Professional soldiers
What are Britain's Disadvantages? 3,000 miles from home/ Reluctance to adapt tactics to American conditions/ Underestimated their American opponent/ Did not use Loyalist population effectively/ Poor leadership/ PRIDE
Created by: kkmcleod
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