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HI Pp. 129-134

Ch. 11 QUIZ

the Duke of Saxony; was elected to act as king of Germany; started the Saxon line of kings Henry the Fowler
Emperor of the Romans; "gave birth" to the Holy Roman Empire Otto the Great
What line of emperors succeeded the Saxons? Salians
Under whom did the German monarchy reach its peak of power? Henry 4
a few of the leading nobles who claimed the right of choosing king electors
means "red beard"; the first Hohenstaufen line of emperors Frederick Barbarossa
the single most powerful institution in western Europe papacy
the priests of the churches in Rome and other Italian cities cardinals
an ambitious monk who served as an adviser to the popes Hildebrand
Who greatly expanded the power and independence of the papacy by decreeing that the popes would be the priests? Nicholas 2
AKA Hildebrand; the real power behind the papal throne for nearly 30 years; prohibited the custom of lay investiture Gregory 7
the power of emperors and kings to choose bishops and other church officials lay investiture
The papacy attained the zenith of its power and influence under whom? Pope Innocent 3
What sanctioned the doctrine of transubstantiation? Fourth Lateran Council
the belief that the bread and wine are miraculously transformed into the actual body and blood of Christ transubstantiation
a special court with power to inquire about and judge matters of heresy Holy Office of the Inquisition
clashed with the papacy by levying 50% taxes on the French clergy's annual income King Philip the Fair
an official decree by the pope bull
the act of moving the papal court from Rome to Avignon, France; was named this because it reminded some people of the 70-year period when the Israelites were taken captive by the Babylonian Empire "Babylonian Captivity of the Papacy"
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