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9th Grade SS

Classic Civilizations - Regents Prep Questions

A major impact of Ancient Greece and Rome on Western Civilization was that Greek sculpture and Roman architecture were much admired and copied in the 18th and 19th centuries
The Ancient Romans’ most significant contribution to Europe has been in the area of Law
An immediate result of the fall of the Roman Empire was a period of disorder and weak central government
The Ancient Athenians are credited with establishing governments that had democratic elements
Both the Ancient Romans and the Ancient Chinese viewed foreigners as barbarians. This is an example of ethnocentrism
A major contribution of the Roman Republic to Western European culture was the concept of government by laws
Which ancient civilization established the basis of western democracy? Greek
The political system of the Ancient Roman Empire was characterized by a strong central government a strong central government
Which societal condition was basic to the development of Greek philosophy? mass education
Important long-term contributions of Ancient Greek and Roman civilizations are primarily found in the area of government and law
The Ancient Greek city-state of Sparta was a powerful military state
A major contribution of the Roman Empire to Western society was the development of an effective legal system
A major effect of the decline of the Roman Empire was that Western Europe entered a period of chaos and disorder
During the centuries of dynastic rule, the Chinese rejected other cultures as inferior to their own. This situation illustrates the concept of ethnocentrism
Which aspect of a nation’s culture is most directly influenced by the physical geography of that nation? population distribution
In China, the development of ethnocentrism was most influenced by its geographic isolation
In most societies, works of art and architecture generally serve to reflect the values of that society
Which generalization is characteristic of most traditional societies? sons learn the same trades as their fathers
Recent archeological studies suggest the theory that the earliest humans evolved in the Rift Valley in Africa
Which factor has contributed most to the social and cultural identity of the Middle East? strong influence of Islam on the region
The Chinese called their land “Middle Kingdom.” Europeans often used the term “backward” to refer to China. These statements best illustrate attitudes of ethnocentrism in both cultures
Geographic isolation of a people frequently reinforces a traditional way of life
In most societies, urbanization has weakened traditional values and life patterns
Which statement cites an example of cultural diffusion? young people dance to rock music in Russia
In most traditional societies, the teaching of values is mainly the responsibility of the family
The study of culture primarily involves learning why various peoples live as they do
Extended families and limited social mobility are characteristic of traditional societies
People in both Japan and India eat very little meat. A study of these cultures would show that although these cultures have similar practices, the reasons for these practices differ
The dominance of the Spanish language in Latin America and continued use of the French language in Senegal are examples of cultural diffusion
Which statement about India is a fact rather than an opinion? The Mongols ruled India for more that 100 years
Which reference would be used to find the most recent information about the gross domestic product (GDP) of a nation? world almanac
Culture is sometimes referred to as “a blueprint for living” because it includes all the things that contribute to a society’s development
Which statement about Japan is a fact rather than an opinion? many of Japan’s cultural traditions were borrowed from China
One similarity between the culture of traditional China under dynastic rule and the culture of modern China under communism is that both stress loyalty to the authority of leaders
The ancient Chinese expression “Middle Kingdom” and the European terms “Near East” and “Far East” best reflect the influence of ethnocentrism on geographic perspective
The accusations of witchcraft in 17th century England and the practice of foot-binding in 19th century China are examples of the discrimination against women in various cultures
Buildings such as the Gothic cathedrals in Western Europe and the Parthenon in ancient Greece reflect each society’s cultural values
Before towns and cities can develop in a society, the society needs to establish an agricultural surplus
Which statement best supports the idea that cultural diffusion has greatly affected Southeast Asia? Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam are practiced throughout Southeast Asia
In India, which aspect of society has been most heavily influenced by religious beliefs, tradition, and the division of labor? caste system
One similarity between the cultures of traditional China and traditional Japan was that the educated class was held in high esteem
The invention of writing systems and the growth of cities occurred only in civilizations that developed complex institutions
sociologist interested in Indian culture would most likely focus on the study of Hinduism and its influence on life in India
In India, the Caste System determined a person’s occupation, personal associations, and marriage partner. This situation shows that the Caste system has been a way of life as well as an element of religion
During the centuries of dynastic rule, the Chinese rejected other cultures as inferior to their own. This situation illustrates the concept of ethnocentrism
Which statement best describes the status of women in most traditional Asian societies? women were expected to dedicate their lives to their families
One result of the Neolithic Revolution was the establishment of villages and the rise of governments
Throughout much of history, both China and Japan held a common view that other nations were barbarians not worthy of their attention
Historians are interested in studying Maya ruins in Mexico, the haiku poetry of Japan, and the music of Chopin because such cultural and intellectual developments reflect the values of that society
Which term is used to describe the spread of Buddhism from India through Southeast Asia? cultural diffusion
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