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China is located on the Continent of ? Asia
Which monument was built to keep invaders out of ancient China? Great Wall
This black and white animal is native only to China. panda bear
This is a Chinese invention that came From the invention of gunpowder we useon the Fourth of July. Fireworks
Chinese symbols used in writing are called ? characters (hànzi)
High-ranking people dressed in this finest fabric? silk
This fun outdoor activity was invented by the Chinese and it flies in the air. kites
The Chinese _____ was based on the moon, and it was divided into twelve groups. Each group was named after an animal. calendar
These soldiers were brightly painted and held real weapons. While molds were used to make the bodies, no two soldiers were alike. They had different hair styles, shoes, expressions and uniforms. Terra Cota Army
This was invented to help ships find their way. The needle pointed to the south. compass
This is the oldest toy in the world invented by the chinese people. yo yo
This takes at least 5 years of full-time study to acquire. writing characters
This is a calculator used for adding was invented by the chinese. abacus
The production of this thread and fabrics gave rise to the art of embroidery. silk
Builders, farmers and soldiers used this invention to carry things from place to place. wheelbarrow
This is a famous desert in china. Gobi
It is part of the Himalayas the highest mountain range on Earth. Mt. Everest
He was a famous teacher and known as the “Greatest Master” to the Chinese people. Confucius
What is the name of the panda bear at the Washington National Zoo? Tia Shan
Created by: Tspelsberg