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Reconstruction DCES


What was created to help Freedmen get food, clothes and built hospitals and schools? Freedmen's Bureau
What happened to President Lincoln after the Civil War? He was assassinated.
What did Johnson allow the South to pass that made life difficult for freedmen? Black Codes
Which law separated blacks and whites? Jim Crow Laws
What is the voc. word for the separation of blacks and whites? Segregation
Who became President after Lincoln was assassinated? Andrew Johnson
What did people call Congress because they didn't agree with Lincoln nor Johnson? Radical Republicans
Who assassinated Abraham Lincoln and where? John Wilkes Booth at Ford's Theatre
Which amendment gave African Americans the right to vote? 13th
Which amendment gave African Americans citizenship? 14th
Which amendment gave African Americans the right to vote? 15th
What is a period of time? an era
What term means to separate based on race? segregate
What is a period of ten years? decade
What word means focused on business? industrial or industry
What word means the effect of something? impact
Freedmen had to rent land from their owners to farm. sharecropping
What is one way the South tried to keep freedmen from voting? literacy tests
A violent group that committed crimes against African Americans Ku Klux Klan
Who proposes a new amendment? congressmen
What percentage of the states must ratify the new amendment for it to be passed? 3/4
What percentage of the house and senate must pass the amendment? 2/3
What is the Bill of Right? first ten changes or amendments to the Constitution
Does the President have the right to veto an amendment? No
What city specialized in steel production grew very quickly? Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
What was one of the biggest troubles that cities faced after the Civil War? how to provide enough food and supplies for everyone
What were Northerners called that came South to make a profit after the Civil War? Carpetbaggers
People that lived in the South and supported Reconstruction were called.. Scalawags
What were some of the effects of the war on the North? transportation improved and people were angry with South,
What were some of the effects of the war on the South? Slavery was ended and many places were destroyed
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