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Chapter 9

The Jefferson Era

Two of Jefferson's chief advisers and policy makers? Albert Gallatin and James Madison
The Vice President during Jefferson's presidency was? Aaron Burr
Where was Zebulon Pike captured? Sante Fe, New Mexico
The chief justice of the Supreme Court was? John Marshall
The Louisiana Purchase was located on the west side of the Mississippi how many square miles was it? 827,000
Lewis and Clark were? Brothers
The Embargo Act was passed was December 1807
When was the Louisiana Purchase finalized with France? October 1803
This prohibited American Exports Embargo Act
Thomas Jefferson was for what? Small national government and broad powers for local government
The Macon Bill Reopened trade with all nations
Federalists and Republicans were against Aaron Burr because he did what? Murdered Alexander Hamilton
When Thomas Jefferson was tired of politics who did he want to take his place? James Madison
What River did Lewis and Clark explore? Missouri River
In 1801-1805 the best known hero of the Tripolitian War was? Lieutenant Stephan Deatur
The Louisiana Purchase went from where to where? The mouth of the Mississippi to Canada
Created by: Emily Mayfield