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8th grade chapter 7

study guide and vocabulary

Republican Party Aristocrats, anti slavery, existed in free states. Created to be against slavery. formed in 1854 to oppose slavery
platform beliefs, what a party stands for
secession pulling out of the union
ordinance a bill or local law
Confederate States of America states that left the union, slavery, agriculture
loyalty a person's devotion to something
Antebellum Period The period just before the Civil War
Manifest Destiny Concept that our country was destined to SPREAD from OCEAN to OCEAN
The Battle of San Jacinto clinched the independence of TEXAS from MEXICO
What was the class structure of the North based upon? Wealth
Slave Codes Sets of laws that took away slaves rights
What was one source of conflict between the North and South based on TAXES>? Tariffs
Which decision helped divide the North and South on the issue of slavery by ruling that a slave could not sue because he was not a citizen? The Dred Scott Decsion
Abolitionists Led political movement to eliminate (abolish) slavery
Missouri Compromise maintained to balance of power in the US Senate between slave states and free states
Sectionalism Belief of the citizens of a given region (section) or area that their interests are more important that beliefs of another area
What did the Kansas Nebraska Act contain that stated that citizens of the territory could vote on whether or not to allow slavery? Popular Soverenigty
Who are the three Georgia politicians who led the state to secession? Robert TOOMBS, Thomas COBB, and Governor BROWN
Democrats supported states rights and slavery
Whigs supported a moderate tariff and federal help for the state
What was the boundary between the United States and Mexico? The Rio Grande River
What land did the United States gain from the Mexican American War? California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Most of New Mexico, Parts of Wyoming and Colorado
States Rights belief that the state's interest should take precedence over the interests of the national government
Name the 6 social Classes in the South Planters - Farmers with slaves - Merchants and people with letters - yeoman Farmers and Poor Whites - Free Blacks - Slaves
Name Georgia's two primary crops during the antebellum period Cotton and Tobacco
What is the underground railroad? Responsible for helping thousands of slaves escape into freedom.
Name the two Georgians that were elected for office in the Confederacy Robert TOOMBS Secretary of State Alexander Stevens Vice President
Created by: ramonagaylor