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Chapter 11

Paul of Tarsus traveled from a port in Palestine to Rome in order to Appeal his case
According to the ancient legends, the kingdom of Rome was established in 753 B.C.E. by By Romulus
The society of the Etruscans was ruled by By powerful kings
The Roman republic was dominated by By Patricians
Romans came into bloody conflict with the Carthaginians when the Romans expanded to To Sicily
Gracchi brothers Two reformers
Which men did not command private armies Gracchi brothers
Augustus's government was A monarchy disguised as a republic
Roman laws... A defendant was assumed innocent until proven guilty Defendants had a right to challenge their accusers before a judge Judges could set aside laws
What attractions did Rome have Public baths, swimming pools, and gymnasia The Pantheon's dome Statues, monumental arches, temples, and aqueducts Chariot races in the Circus Maximus
Roman family... Entire household, including slaves, servants, and relatives Women supervised the domestic affairs Children could be sold into slavery
Popular religion in Rome The cult of Isis
Mithraism was especially popular among Soldiers
The Jewish people could not get along well with a number of imperial regimes because They had difficulty recognizing emperors as divine
The Essenes Looked for their own savior
After Jesus' crucifixion, his followers called him "Christ," meaning "the anointed one."
The remarkable growth of early Christianity reflected the new faith's appeal, particularly to The lower classes, urban populations, and women
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