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HI Pp. 123-128

Ch. 11 QUIZ

The earliest monks lived in the wilderness as what? Hermits
abstinence from marriage celibacy
perched alone for 37 years atop a stone pillar over 50 feet high Simeon Stylites
religious communities isolated from the rest of society Monasteries
monasteries for nuns Convents
Life in a monastery followed rigid rules called what? Orders
An Italian monk who founded a monastery at Monte Cassino in southern Italy; most European monks followed his orders Benedict
The head of the monastery Abbot
A kind of monk that preached and did missionary work outside the monastery Friars
The 2 most prominent orders of friars Franciscans and Dominicans
The first great Frankish military and political leader; inherited the position of tribal king from his father; professed his conversion to Christianity Clovis
What year did Clovis get baptized? 498
Clovis's descendants who ruled a sometimes-united, sometimes-divided kingdom Merovingian
The chief official of the royal household Mayor of the Palace
the most famous Mayor of the Palace Charles Martel
Muslims from North Africa Moors
In what battle did Charles Martel raise a Frankish army in 732 and defeated the invading Muslims? Battle of Tours
means "the Hammer" Martel
the alliance between the Frankish rulers and the papacy, initiated by the conversion of Clovis and consummated by Pepin the Short, was to influence the course of European history not only during the Middle Ages but well into the modern age "Donation of Pepin" or Papal States
French for "Charles the Great"; AKA Charles Augustus, Emperor of the Romans Charlemagne
Who's empire was the largest in the west since the Roman Empire of the AD 300s? Charlemagne's
act as buffer states between his empire and its enemies Marks
The greatest event on Charlemagne's reign took place when? Christmas Day 800
means "the king's envoys" Missi dominici
What divided Charlemagne's Empire into 3 parts? It set the stage for the foundation of the modern nations of France and Germany. Treaty of Verdun
What was the land of the middle kingdom north of the Alps called? Lorraine
a nomadic people from Asia who penetrated deep into southeastern Europe; they were called "Scourge of Europe" Magyars
The Magyars settled where? Hungary
The Norsemen or Vikings settled where? Scandinavia
the most important Viking settlements Normandy
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