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History chapter14&15

Middle Passage Voyage slaves took to the Americas (new world).
Cartographers map maker
Capitalism economic system where individuals can make money and have their own buisness
Montezuma Leader of the Aztecs, thought Cortes was a God
Maliche aided Spanish by translating for cortes
Vasco da Gama Sailed southern tip of Africa known as the Cape of Good Hope
Manufactured goods brought from Europe to Africa
Inflation Rise in prices
Smallpox Most deadly disease to natives
Slave ships also known as floating coffins
Colombian exchange Cultural diffusion; vast global exchange between Europe and America of goods and people
Christopher Columbus 1492 conquered west indies and Taino people
Raw materials altered by man to make a finished product. Produced by Caribbean
currency type of money; gold
Merchantilism economy based of trade
Barter to trade
Where does "Slave" come from? "Slav" which is a group of people from Russia, captured during the roman empire
Conquistador spanish conqueror
Hernan Cortes 1519 conquered Mexico/Aztecs
Alliances come together as one to benifit
Civil War How slaves were captured in Africa
Ferdinand Magellan first to circumnavigate
Circumnavigate sail around the world
immunity ability to withstand a disease
Francisco Pizzaro 1532 conquered Incas in Peru
cultural diffusion spreading ideas/goods
3 G's of exploration Gold: become rich, God: convert non Christians, Glory: fame
Spanish advantages over natives horses, technology, disease
Triangular Trade International trade network which was a triangle-shaped series of trade routes between Americas, Europe, and Central america/south america.
Atlantic Slave Trade part of triangal trade.
Why Africans for slave trade in triangle trade route? Skilled at farming, easy to enslave, lacked self-defense, climate similar to the Americas (hot and humid)
Colombian exchanges's results European domination. Improved their diets, transportation, and life expectancy. Natives got disease
Age of exploration: good or bad? Bad. Columbus, Cortes, Pizarro along with other Spanish conquerors wiped out the Native tribes and villages.
Created by: lyndseyjeffries
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