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reformation review

identify and explain several reasons for the decline of the catholic church during the latter part of the Middle Ages 1) Babylonian captivity: the period of papal history 2) Great schism: division split Latin Christendom in 2 3) The renaissance popes: high in power
Babylonian captivity the period of 70 years beginning in 1309 in which French kings controlled the papacy
council of Constance 1414 put an end to the schism and also aimed at ending heresy. it ended the western schism by deposing or accepting the resignation of the remaining papal claimants
great schism period in which Latin Christendom was divided between a French and Italian pope; multiple people saying they were the pope
John Wycliffe A scholar at Oxford university attacked the wealth of the church, immorality among the clergy, and the pope's claim to absolute authority. He argued that the only true guide to faith and salvation was the bible
Jan Hus Burned alive on July 6 1415 for preaching reform. He condemned church abuses and indulgences.
Nepotism Favoritism granted to relatives. The term originated with the assignment of nephews to cardinal positions by Catholic popes and bishops.
Simony The buying or selling of ecclesiastical privileges, for example pardons or benefices.
Indulgences Pardons issued by the pope that people could buy supposedly to reduce their time in purgatory.
Transubstantiation the change by which the bread and the wine used in the sacrament of the Eucharist become, not merely as a sign or a figure, but also in actual reality the body and blood of Jesus Christ.
Council of Trent 1549 This council introduced reform to ban the sale of indulgences and church offices and new rules for the conduct of the clergy.
Anabaptists Known for pacifism and were persecuted for condemning war with Ottoman Turks.
Jesuits Society of Jesus, a religious order founded by Ignatius de Loyola in 1534.
Johann Tezel Main guy selling indulgences
Diet of Worms a trial to enforce the rules of the emperor. it condemned Luther as an outlaw
describe the renaissance popes popes were great patrons of the arts (art, architecture); papal states functioned like a nation; spiritual decline and secularism (says man does not need God)
What were several practices or teachings of the Catholic Church condemned by the Reformers? The sale of indulgences; Simony; transubstantiation; papal authority; in ability to be wrong; wealth of the church
What ere arguments foe and against translating the bible into common languages and using lay preachers Scripture was the rule for faith and practice. The scripture would combat the church corruptions
What is the common view of the "catholic reformation" and what is a more accurate and fair view Common view: reacting to the protestant view Accurate view: they were all ready reforming themselves
What was the mission and activities of the Catholic Church after the Council of Trent foe the next 200 years? How would you describe the Protestant denominations during this same period? aggressively spread, Jesuits, Asia, south America; they continued to split and spread Christianity
Explain how the idea of the Renaissance contributed to the reformation During the renaissance people came to question authority more than they ever had before. The reformation came about because people questioned the authority of the catholic church and the logic of its teachings
explain how Christian Humanism is a synthesis of the view of man that were held by the church during the middle ages and the view of man that defined the Italian renaissance Man is the image of God. With education and application of Scripture man can change society for good.
What was martin Luther trying to accomplish with the 95 theses? Explain how ands why this document exceeded anything he could have imagined in terms of influence List of all the things he thought was wrong with the church mainly indulgences. To improve the church. It got translated and printed and widely distributed
What was the greatest theological difference between Luther and the Catholic Church? Luther believes the salvation is by grace through faith alone
What is the historical significance of Luther standing up to the Church? Martin Luther was standing up for what he believed in and would not change his mind! (turning point)
Created by: Lauren Bowers
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