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History Terms

History Terms Test

Copernicus A Polish Astronomer who came up with the Helio-Centric version of our Solar system
Hunter Gatherer a person who hunts animals and gathers wild plants and berries for food
Manifest Destiney A belief that man y Americans held that the U.S should expand across the continent to the Pacific Ocean
Renaissance A period of rebirth and creativity that followed the Middle Ages
The Ten Commandments The ten rules of mortal behavior that were given to Moses to God
Caste System A social group someone is born into and cannot change
Serfs Workers in Medieval Europe who were tied to the land to witch he/she worked
Cuneiform A Sumerian system of writing
Representative Democracy A system of government in which citizens choose a smaller group to make laws and decisions on their behalf
Magna Carta A document signed by King John of England that required the king to honor civil rights
Martin Luther A German priest who started The Protestant Reformation
Hieroglyphics An Ancient Egyptian system of writing made up of hundreds of pictures and symbols
Direct democracy A system of government in which people gather at mass meetings to decide on government matters
Diaspora The scattering of Jews outside their homeland after Babylonian Captivity
Buddha The "Enlightened One" or what Siddhartha Gautama's followers called him
Confucius A great Chinese thinker and philosopher
Shi Haungdi Helped to form China in 221 BC and named himself first Emperor
Hammurabi's Code Hammurabi's collection of laws that would show men how to live under a set of laws
Bubonic Plague A contagious disease that is normally fatal and is transmitted by fleas from infected rats
The Crusades A long series wars between then Christians and the Muslims in southwest Asia fighting for control of the Holy Land
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