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Roaring Twenties


What 4 types of mass media challenged traditional values during the 1920s? 1) Radio 2) Movies 3) Newspapers 4) Magazines
What new type of American music was played on the radio during the 1920s? Jazz
Define "Fireside Chats." President Franklin D. Roosevelt's radio talks to the American people
How did movies help the American people during the 1930s? Provided an escape from daily life during the Depression
What scientific theory challenged traditional religion during the 1920s? Darwin's Theory of Evolution
How did Darwin's Theory of Evolution go against traditional Christian beliefs? Conflicted with the Bible's account of the creation and the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden
What trial made traditional religious values look old-fashioned and silly? The Scopes Trial
What two developments in the 1920s challenged the traditional role of American women? 1) Flappers 2) 19th Amendment
What resulted from the challenge of open immigration to traditional American values? Rise of a new Ku Klux Klan (KKK)
What resulted from the challenge of Prohibition to traditional American values? 1) Smuggling alcohol 2) Speakeasies
What were speakeasies? Illegal bars during Prohibition
Why was radio advertising important during the 1920s? Created national markets for consumer goods
What became a major new form of entertainment during the 1920s? Silent Films
What was the first talking picture? The Jazz Singer (1929)
Name 4 movie stars in the 1920s? 1) Rudolph Valentino 2) Mary Pickford 3) Clara Bow 4) Charlie Chaplin
What were 2 fads in the 1920s? 1) Crossword puzzles 2) Chinese game of Maj Jong
Who was John Scopes? A high school biology teacher in Tennessee who taught Darwin's theory of evolution
What was the result of the Scopes trial? 1) Scopes was found guilty of breaking Tennessee law. 2) Darwin's Theory appeared to represent modern America and the future. 3) Tennessee law and the Bible's account of creation appeared backward.
What did the 19th Amendment do? Gave women the right to vote
What had been the traditional role of women in 19th century Victorian America? Wives and mothers
For what did the flappers become a symbol? Young, middle class women of the 1920s who were rebelling against the traditional role of women
Describe the flapper. 1) Bobbed hair 2) Makeup 3) Short skirts 4) Smoked cigarettes 5) Drank alcohol
What did the 18th Amendment do? Prohibited (forbid) the manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages
What were unintended consequences of Prohibition? 1) Gangsters smuggled liquor into the United States. 2) Speakeasies 3) Attacked traditional values
What were speakeasies? Illegal bars during Prohibition
What feeling developed among native-born Americans during the 1920s? Anti-immigrant feeling
What organization grew rapidly after World War I because of anti-immigrant feeling? Ku Klux Klan
During the 1920s, where was the KKK popular? In different parts of the entire nation, instead of just in the South
What groups did the KKK hate during the 1920s? 1) Roman Catholics 2) Jews 3) African-Americans
In the 1920s who did the KKK blame for many of America's problems? 1) Roman Catholic immigrants 2) Jewish immigrants
How did Congress give in to anti-immigrant feeling during the 1920s? Limited immigration, especially from southern and eastern Europe
What did the Immigration Restriction Act of 1921 do? Placed quotas on immigration from most countries
What are quotas? Numerical limits
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