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Imperialism HGHS

Imperialism Ch 10

American Secretary of State during the Spanish American War John Hay
Congressional action that committed the U.S.A. to Cuban independence Teller Amendment
American ship destroyed in Havana Harbor Maine
City near San Juan Hill captured by Amercans during the Spanish American War Santiago
This correspondence was published in order to rouse American support for Cuban independence De Lome Letter
Practice of one country extending it's rule over another country Imperialism
These Americans supported the development of American possessions overseas Expansionists
This was an attempt by Chinese to expell foreigners Boxer Rebellion
John Hay argued for this economic strategy in China Open Door Policy
Teddy Roosevelt recruited cowboys and polo players, among others for this group Rough Riders
This controversial policy was used by Americans in the Philippines to break the rebellion Reconcentracion or Concentration Camp policy
Term for money paid by the Chinese for damages caused by the rebellion Indemnity
Supreme court decided in these, that citizenship was not automatic for people in american territories Insular Cases
This gave Puerto Ricans a civl government but no final say over their affairs Foraker Act
By Seward's action, this territory was added to the USA in 1867 Alaska
Status of Cuba after the Spanish American War Independent nation -American Protectorate
Son of a peasant, this mexican revolutionary wanted to give land reform Emiliano Zapata
This teory combined free market competition with racial superiority Social Darwinsim
Who was overthrown by American Planters in Hawaii Quenn Liliuokalani
This man wrote a book about the Influence of Sea Power Upon History Alfred Thayer Mahan
A "friend" of the USA , this Mexican leader allowed foreign companies to develope resources in his country Porfirio Diaz
Poet and journalist that led the Cuban Revolution Jose Marti
This mexican leaders government collapsed shortly after the USA took the mexican port city of Vera Cruz Victoriano Huerta
This man was known as the "Butcher" in Cuba Valeriano Weyler
This seretary of state negotited the treaty for the canal zone in Panama John Hay
This nation gained independence from Spain during the Spanish American War Cuba
What document was used by the USA as a pretext for intervention in Latin America Monroe Doctrine
What group of people were the first Americans to settle in Hawaii Missionaries
Where did the U.S. support "Spheres of Influence" to promote trade China
Where did George Dewey have a great victory Manilla Bay Philippines
His election in 1900 signaled that the American people supported Imperialism William McKinley
This was an addition to the Monroe Doctrine Roosevelt Corollary
This country was the first Asian country to defeat a European country in modern times Japan
This president pushed for Dollar Diplomacy to be used in Latin america William Howard Taft
What did Benjamin Tracy try to convince congress to do Modernize the navy
How did newspapers tru to rouse support for Cuban independence Yellow Journalism
Name three of the four Spanish colonies that became American "Protectorates after the Sp. American War Cuba, Guam, Philippines,and Puerto Rico
Why did American Leaders support the establishment of the Panama Canal To make travel and trade easier form coast to coast
Why did Wilson intervene in Mexico Pancho Villa's actions,Missionary Diplomacy, protect American Interests
What did Teddy Roosevelt gain personally gain from the Russo Japanese War Nobel Peace Prize
Why was Manchuria important to a number of countries Coal
Who were the two famous yellow journalist newspaper editors William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer
What treaty guaranteed Panama's independence Hay- Bunau Varilla Treay
How did the USA gain the naval base at Guantanamo Bay Platt Amendment
Created by: Mr Schultz
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