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ch. 9-10 study guide

chapter 9 and study guide and answers for history

What court case resulted from violation of the Sherman Antitrust Act? Northern Securities vs United States
Explain why Teddy Roosevelt decided to run for president again in 1912. Taft failed to continue progressivism.
The NAACP was founded by whom? W.E.B. Dubois
What does the 16th Amendment est. and what was the purpose? Ext income tax, replace revenue from lower tariffs and provide steady revenue for Fed govt.
Why did President T Roosevelt step into the Coal Strike of 1902? Groups pursuing own interests at coast of the nation.
According to the US Constitution, who should select Senators? Legislature of each state
List the goals of progressives. Protecting Social Welfare, Promoting Efficiency, Economic Reform.
What is a recall? Ability of public to remove elected officials.
What were muckrakers? Journalists who exposed corruption in business and society.
Explain what was exposed by The Jungle? Dangerous conditions in the meat packing industry.
List the requirements of the Pure Food and Drug Act. Truthful labeling of food and drugs.
What does the 17th Amendment do? Expands Democracy by allowing direct election of senators.
What is a referendum? Public vote on a legislative bill.
Explain the 3 methods of the Suffragists. Called for Constitutional Amendment, Test 14th Amendment in Court, Gain suffrage at state and local levels.
Explain how Teddy felt about trusts. Only trusts that limited competition were bad for the economy.
What event led to Teddy Roosevelt becoming president? McKinley's assassination.
Describe Teddy Roosevelt. Athletic, competitor, outdoors man, bully, veteran, author.
What does the 19th amendment do and when was it ratified? Gives women the right to vote.1920.
Explain how democrats took over Congress and the White House in 1912. Split in the Republican Party with TR and Taft running for President.
What book leads Teddy to push for the Meat Inspection Act? Upton Sinclair's The Jungle.
What factors led Americans to support imperialism? Need to expand markets and compete as a world economic and military power.
What were the regulations of the treaty ending the Spanish American War and what was the treaty called? Treaty of Paris 1898. US gained Guam PR and Philippines. Cuba became independent.
What was the purpose of the Open Door Policy in China? To provide equal trade with China for all nations.
What happened to the Maine? It exploded in Havana harbor. Blamed on Spanish.
What two places did fighting take place in the Spanish American War? Cuba and the Philippines.
Who was George Dewey? US Naval commander defeated Spanish in Manila Bay.
Who were the Rough riders? Cavalry regiment led by TR in Cuba. Heroes of San Juan Hill.
Who was Emilio Aquinaldo? Led Filipino Rebels against the Spanish and later against the US.
What is yellow journalism? Exaggerated sensational stories meant to incite anger towards the Spanish treatment of Cubans.
What is imperialism? Larger nations taking over smaller nations.
What did the U.S. insist Cuba add to its constitution and what were the provisions? Platt Amendment. Gave US oversight power in Cuba.
What policy did Theodore Roosevelt add to the Monroe Doctrine and what was the nickname of this policy? Roosevelt Corollary. Big Stick Diplomacy.
Explain Alfred T. Mahan's importance. Wrote influence of Sea Power Upon History. Convinced US to build New Navy.
Who was Pancho Villa, what did he do, and who was sent to capture him? Mexican Guerilla, raided towns in US. Gen John Pershing.
List 3 foreign policy goals achieved by the US in the early 20th century? Gained foreign markets and territory. Built Modern Navy, Exercised influence in Latin America.
What factors led the U.S. to maintain a presence in Cuba following the war? Protect American Investment.
Describe 2 reasons Puerto Rico is important to the U.S. Presence in Caribbean and Protect Panama Canal.
Created by: Katwill678