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Southern Colonies

naval stores articles or materials used in shipping (ships)
toleration act An act of 1689 granting freedom of worship to dissenters on certain conditions (real purpose was to unite all Protestants under William III against the deposed Roman Catholic James II)
indigo a tropical plant of the pea family, which was formerly widely cultivated as a source of dark blue dye
rural a countryside (EX. granger)
urban a city or town EX. new york, chicago)
tide water water brought by tides
middle passage sea journey undertaken by slave ships from West Africa to West Indies
slave codes sets of laws during the colonial period that denied slaves their rights (freedom and land)
BIG THREE CROPS? indigo, tobacco, rice
joint-stock company a company whose stock is owned jointly by the shareholders
charter a written grant by a country's legislative or sovereign power, by which an institution such as a company, college, or city is created and its rights and privileges defined
plantations an estate on which crops such as coffee, sugar, and tobacco are cultivated by resident labor
indentured servant a labor system whereby young people paid for their passage to the New World by working for an employer for a certain number of years
burgesses a person with municipal authority or privileges, in particular
royal colony a type of colonial administration of the British overseas territories. Crown, or royal, colonies were ruled by a governor appointed by the monarch.
who is john smith? Virginia, Admiral of New England, was an English soldier, explorer, and author
reasons founded for Virginia (Jamestown)? expand trade
who is Cecil Calvert? Maryland, he first Proprietor and Proprietary Governor of the Province of Maryland, a leader, George's son
who is George Calvert? Maryland, 1st Baron Baltimore was an English politician and colonizer. He achieved domestic political success as a Member of Parliament, land owner, father of Cecil
reasons founded for Maryland? profit from selling land, religious freedom
religion of Maryland? Roman Catholic
leaders of North&South Carolina? 8 aristocrats
reasons founded for North&South Carolina? profit from selling land and trade
who was James Oglethorpe? a British general, member of Parliament, philanthropist, founder of the colony Georgia
reasons founded for Georgia? religious freedom, protection against Spanish Florida, home for debtors
religion of Georgia? freedom of all except Catholic
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