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SOC Unit 5 Quiz

Mr. Stickler's Liberty Christian "Social Interaction" Sociology Quiz Flashcards

What does the term "social interaction" mean? "The process by which people act and react in relation to each others".
What does the term "status" mean? "A social position that an individual occupies".
What is the Spotlight Effect? This is the idea that people are watching everything that we do and judging us at all times. (Like being in a spotlight on stage.)
List two (2) negative affects of the Spotlight Effect. 1. Increased anxieties such as social anxiety; 2. Depression.
List one (1) way that knowing about the Spotlight Effect can help us in our everyday lives. It can help us in public speaking situations. Spotlight Effect research tells us that people are very self - centered & don't pay attention to our mistakes. Actually, only about 15 - 20% of your audience is paying close attention to your speech.
What is a "status set"? "A collection of all of the statuses that a person holds at a given time".
What is an "ascribed status"? "A social status that a person inherits from birth or is given involuntarily later in life".
What is an "achieved status"? A social status that a person earns. It reflects personal ability and effort.
What is a "master status"? This is a status that has special importance for social identity, often shaping a person's entire life.
What is a person's "role"? "Behavior expected of someone who holds a particular status".
What is "role conflict"? "Conflict between roles corresponding to two (2) or more statuses".
What is "role strain"? "Tension between roles connected to a single status".
What does the "social construction of reality" refer to? "The process by which people creatively shape reality through social interaction".
What does the Thomas Theorem state? It states that "situations that are defined as 'real' are real in their consequences".
What is "ethnomethodology"? "The study of the way that people make sense of their everyday surroundings."
What does the term "presentation of self" refer to? "An individual's efforts to create specific impressions in the minds of others". This process is also often called 'impression management'.
List two (2) things that would fall under the category of "nonverbal communication". 1. Gestures; 2. Facial Expressions.
A person's 'demeanor' refers to their ___________________________________. general conduct or deportment.
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