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Chapter 6 Americas

For class

Define Ameriindians Early hunting socities in North and South America
What prevented these societies from interacting with others? Geography
Why is Cactus Hill important Humans lived there 15,000 years ago
Crops of early Americans = Beans and squash
Where is corn from? Mexico
Where was Mesoamerica? Near Veracruz and Yucatan
What is Olmec? Where civilizations first started
What did the Olmec do? Lots of trading and religious rituals
Two ways the Olmec supported themselves: Agriculture and hunting
Olmec meaning People of the land of rubber
What did they trade? rubber
Who were the Zapotecs? Mountain people near Oaxaca
First metropolis? Teotihuacan
Teoihuacan trade items? Cacao, rubber, meat
What is obsidian? Volcanic glass
Source of wealth? Agriculture
Source of conflict? Wanting of farmland
Define chinampas? types of islands
Relations of early societies? Trade-heavy
Mother culture? Olmec society
Created by: eduardonog2019