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Chapter 6 Outline

When did humans reach the southernmost part of South America? 9500 B.C.E
When did agriculture begin in South America? 7500 B.C.E
What was mainly cultivated in South America? Beans, Squashes, Chiles, and Maize
What became the staple of South America's agriculture? Maize
When did Maize become the staple of their agriculture? 5000 B.C.E
Agriculture became about in South America due to the fact that... Hunting became difficult.
When did agricultural villages begin to appear? 3000 B.C.E
When did ceremonial center begin? By the end of the second millennium B.C.E
What were the Olmecs also referred to as? "Rubber people''
Where did the Olmecs live? Near the Gulf of Mexico
Around what time did the Olmecs live near the Gulf of Mexico? 1200 B.C.E
The rulers power was shown by... Construction of huge pyramids
What was traded? Jade, Obsidian
What year did the Olmec society start to decline? 400 B.C.E
How was the decline of the Olmecs shown? Ceremonial Centers were systematically destroyed
What influence did the Olmecs leave? Maize, Cerimonial Centers, Calendar, Human Sacrifices, and Ball Game
The heirs to the Olmecs were... The Mayans
Where did the Mayans live? In the highlands of Guatemala
Besides Maize what did the Mayans also cultivate? Cotton and Cacao
What was the Mayans most political centers and what was the time period of the political center? Tikal (300-900 B.C.E)
What position was very prestigious in the Mayan Society? Warriors
Captives were kept as... Slaves or victims
What city was the source of power? Chichén Itzá
What was Chichén Itzá time period? The ninth century
When did the Mayan civilization start to decline? 800 C.E
How did the Mayans show that their civilization start to decline? Many Mayans started to leave their cities
What type of society did the Mayans have? A hierarchical society
What ranked first in the Mayan society? Kings, priests, and hereditary nobility
Who was considered as a ambassador and in what class were they in? Merchants (Ruling Class)
Who was considered important in the Mayan society? Professional architects and artisans
Who was the majority of the Mayan population? Peasants and slaves
What was included in the Mayan calendar? Solar and ritual years
What was the Mayans writing like? Was ideographic and syllabic
Popol Vuh was... A myth that gods created humans out of maize and water
What did gods contain agricultural cycles in exchange of? In exchange in honors and sacrifices
Bloodletting rituals honored... Gods for rains
Who were the heirs of the Olmecs? The Teotihuacanshunting and gathering peoples reached South America
Where was the city of Teotihuacan locates in? In the highlands of Mexico
What was the time period of the Teotihuacans? 400-600 C.E
Colossal pyramid of what? The sun and moon
How many inhabitants were there? Two hundred thousand inhabitants
What reflected the importance of the priests? Paintings and Murals
Who dominated the society? Priests and rulers
What did two-thirds of the inhabitants do? Two-thirds of the city inhabitants worked in fields during daytime
What were artisans famous for? Obsidian tools and orange potter
Where did professional merchants trade? In Mesoamerica
When was the decline if the Teotihuacan society? 650 C.E
What happened in 12000 B.C.E? Hunting and gathering peoples reached South America
What happened in 8000 B.C.E? People began to experiment with agriculture
Complex societies began to appear in... 1000 B.C.E
What were the main crops that were planted? beans, peanuts, sweet potatoes, cotton
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