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CLassics Quotes L3

The quotes I am using for Alexander.

“...he told them that Alexander was allowing them to keep the status and trappings of royalty, and the titles of queens, as there was no personal animosity in his war with Darius…” Arrian, Anabasis. Aftermath of Issus
"At so small a cost was a huge victory secured.” Curtius Rufus, The History of Alexander. Aftermath of Issus
“It seems to me sir, that our best plan is for the time being, to make camp on the river bank…” Says Parmenion, which Alexander replies with: “I am well aware of that, Parmenion. But I would be ashamed if, after crossing the Hellespont with ease, this lit The Battle of Granicus
“Alexander the son of Philip and the Greeks except for the Spartans* dedicated these spoils from the barbarians occupying Asia.” Inscription on Persian armour sent to the Athenians (Arrian, Anabasis). The Battle of Granicus
“...Alexander saw that his children were brought up and educated as they would have been if he were still king, and his daughter was married to Alexander.” Arrian, Anabasis. The Death of Darius
“Dareius urged him to avenge his death, and Alexander, agreeing, set out after Bessus…” Diodorus of Sicily. The Death of Darius
“And I who ask you this have never given you a command without first exposing myself to the risks involved, and I have often protected your line with my own shield.” Rufus, Book nine. Mutiny After Hydaspes
“...why are you hesitant to add the Hyphasis and the nations beyond the Hyphasis to this empire of ours, this Macedonian empire?” Arrian, Anabasis. Mutiny After Hydaspes
“The Macedonians who remained with him were becoming insubordinate, and when he called the to an assembly, they interrupted him by shouting.” Diodorus of Sicily. The Mutiny at Opis
“All this was resented by the Macedonians, who that Alexander was now going completely native in outlook and showing no regards for the Macedonian way of life or the very Macedonians themselves.” Arrian, Anabasis. The Mutiny at Opis
“But if you wish to dispute the kingship, stand your ground and fight for it: do not run away, as I shall come after you wherever you are.” Arrian, Anabasis. Sieges of Gaza and Tyre
“In this year Alexander had buried the dead from his victory at Issus, including even those of the Persians who had distinguished themselves by courage.” Diodorus of Sicily. Sieges of Gaza and Tyre
“The army of Macedonians was disheartened, and Alexander sunk into no ordinary grief and anxiety.” Arrian, Anabasis. The Gedrosia Desert
“Their provisions exhausted, the Macedonians began to experience their first shortage of food and eventually starvation...In the wake of famine came plague.” Curtius Rufus, The History of Alexander. The Gedrosia Desert
“ seemed that Alexander was looking for every means of reducing his dependence on Macedonians.” Arrian, Anabasis. Susa Weddings
“...most of the Macedonians found it distasteful that the marriages had followed the Persian rite…” Arrian, Anabasis. Susa Weddings
Created by: stu14020
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