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Imperial/World War I


Define isolationism. U.S. should stay out of world affairs.
What was American foreign policy from President Washington to World War I? Isolationism
Define the Monroe Doctrine. European countries should stay out of the affairs of the Western Hemisphere.
What was the Open Door Policy? All nations would have equal trading rights in China.
What president started the Open Door Policy? William McKinley
What Secretary of State proposed the Open Door Policy? John Hay
Who was the last native ruler of Hawaii? Queen Liluokalani
What country controlled Cuba before the Spanish-American War? Spain
Who won the Spanish-American War? The United States
What territory did the United States get in the Spanish-American War? 1) the Philippines 2) Puerto Rico 3) Guam
At the end of the Spanish-American War, where did the U.S. say it could send troops? Cuba
What president was responsible for the Panama Canal? Theodore Roosevelt
What did the Panama Canal do? Short-cut between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans
What president was responsible for Dollar Diplomacy? William Howard Taft
What was Dollar Diplomacy? American business would invest in Latin America.
Who were the Central Powers in World War I? 1) Germany 2) Austria-Hungary 3) Ottoman Empire
What modern country was known as the Ottoman Empire? Turkey
Who were the Allies in World War I? 1) Great Britain 2) France 3) Russia
What country's entry into World War I led to Germany's defeat? United States
Why did the U.S. enter World War I? 1) German submarine warfare 2) Close ties to Great Britain
What was the Great Migration? Movement of African-Americans from the South to the North to get jobs
Who was president during World War I? Woodrow Wilson
Who developed the Fourteen Points? Woodrow Wilson
What were the 3 key ideas of the Fourteen Points? 1) National self-determination 2) Freedom of the seas 3) League of Nations
What was the League of Nations? Organization of nations started at the end of World War I to keep world peace
What treaty ended World War I? Versailles Treaty
Who ratifies or approves treaties? United States Senate
What vote is needed in the Senate to ratify a treaty? Two-thirds
Did the Senate ratify the Versailles Treaty? No
Did the United States join the League of Nations? No
What is internationalism? 1) Opposite of isolationism 2) Heavy involvement in world affairs
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