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vocabulary 1

destitute poor, lacking possessions
scrutinize examine closely; inspect carefully
embellish to make more beautiful; to decorate; to adorn
meander to wander in a carefree manner; to follow a winding course; to ramble
superfluous unnecessary; extra
impede to get in the way; hinder
complacent self-satisfied; unconcerned
haphazard without plan or direction
elated extremely happy; overjoyed
insipid dull; flat; without sparkle or flavor
redundant to do more than what is necessary; a repetition of words or ideas in speech or writing
volatile capable of evaporating, exploding, or changing moods very quickly
nullify to remove all value or force; to negate
tentative not fully developed or definitely planned
hypocrite an insincere person, one who pretends to have feelings that he/she doesn’t have
somber dark; gloomy
taciturn quiet
scanty small in quantity; insufficient
denounce criticize; condemn
subtle hard to see or understand; elusive
hyperbole extreme exaggeration
accolade an award or praise
concise short and to the point; terse
contingent dependent upon other circumstances; conditional
baleful harmful; menacing
divergence the act of splitting off into different directions
unanimous in total agreement
effervescence the quality of being bubbly or full of life
indigent very poor
copious in large quantity; abundant
Hiatuse Gap, interruption; a break in the continuity of a process
Cloister Secluded or isolated from the outside world; also a place of sclusion
Apex top, highest point summit
Incessant continuous; endless
Adamant Refusing to change; subbed, unyielding
Belligerent Haveing a strong tendency to argue and fight
Wane Growing gradually smaller
Advocate Support; plead for; speak on behalf of
Aloof detached; apart; indifferent
Frugal Careful with money; thiffty
Tirade A long and bitter speech; diatnbe
Cordial Friendly; welcome; gracious
Slander negative oral remarks about another person that are untrue
Pacifist person who refuses to fight
Recluse Person who prefers to be alone all the time; someone withdraws from the rest of society
Articulate Able to speak clearly and effectively
Stagnant Motion less; dull
Disclose Provide information; revael
Zenith the highest point; apex
Dexterity high level of skill; especially with the hands
Concur To agree
Sustain Support; nurture; Take on
Nostalgic Wishing for a return to the way things used to be; longing for the past; homesick
Malice A desire to cause harm or suffering
Translusecent Permitting light to pass through
Impasse A situation from which you can't escape; stalment
Invert Turn upside down or inside out; Reverse position
Opaque Too dark or thick for light to pass through
Skeptic One who doesn't believe unless he's shown absolute proff; Doubter
Wax Growing gradually larger
Created by: kurtjess
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