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13 Colonies Review

•first colonial settlement attempted by the English •inhabitants all vanished when the English returned with supplies •No one knows what happened to the settlers- it’s a MYSTERY! Roanoke
•first permanent and successful English settlement in the New World •Struggling to survive the “Starving Time”, the settlers had to learn how to adapt to life in America •The Colony was saved when they started to grow and export tobacco Jamestown
This political tradition began with the House of Burgesses in Jamestown and the Mayflower Compact. Town meetings will become a part of this tradition as well. Self Government
The House of Burgesses was an early form of this type of government; one in which voters choose representatives to make laws for them. Representative Government
This religious group, also known as Separatists settled in Plymouth, Massachusetts. They Faced religious persecution in England and came to America to seek religious freedom. The Mayflower Compact was the framework of their government. Pilgrims
Where am I? •They were called the "breadbasket" because they grew so much food. Middle Colonies
Where am I? • The soil was the richest in the colonies • The growing season was the longest. • Hot & humid climate Southern Colonies
Where am I? New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island New England Colonies
Where am I? New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware Middle Colonies
Where am I? The Ladies: Maryland, Virginia. North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia Southern Colonies
Where am I? •It was a diverse region. Settlers came from many countries like the Netherlands (Dutch), Germany and Sweden. •Because of its diversity, they believed in toleration- the acceptance of people with different beliefs. Middle Colonies
Soil & climate conditions allowed them to grow cash crops. These are crops that are sold for a tremendous profit around the world. Tobacco was the most valuable crop. Southern Colonies
Where am I? Farming happened on huge farms called plantations. Southern Colonies
Where am I? •In order to maximize profits, they used slaves from Africa to plant and harvest crops. •They did not pay slaves, and they did not treat slaves like equal citizens, and their treatment of them was harsh and inhuman. Southern Colonies
Where am I? •Much of the soil wasn't good for growing crops, especially near the ocean. •Also, the early and long-lasting winters killed many crops quickly. Trading lumber, iron, fish, fur, and whale oil are the ways to make money New England Colonies
Where am I? •Jobs were based on the many harbors along the coast. Harbors made trade of natural resources (lumber/fish/whale/iron/fur) possible •They fished & whaled & used the trees from the forests for lumber, much of which was used to build ships New England Colonies
Where am I? •Because jobs along the coast brought people together, they lived close together in towns and cities. That allowed for public schools for the children and town meeting where their voices could be heard! New England Colonies
The pattern of trade that developed between Europe, Africa, and the Americas Profits from trade generated wealth in each region. Rum, Sugar, Slaves made up one of the most tragic yet valuable ‘triangles’. Triangular Trade
The horrific journey slaves were forced to take after being taken/kidnapped from Africa and taken to America -very unsanitary/unsafe/horrible conditions Middle Passage
The Colonizing Country or 'Mother Country' during this time period England
Having to with people and their interactions (Religion, beliefs, traditions, education, health, crime) Social
Having to do with jobs, production of goods, money & trade Economic
Anything having to do with government, rights of the people, or voting Political
Mr. Baulch's oldest son Matthew
Mr. Baulch's youngest son Martin
Mr. Baulch's favorite song The Battle Hymn of the Republic
Mr. Baulch's favorite book Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
Mr. Baulch's favorite drink Yoo-Hoo
Mr. Baulch's favorite TV show Peppa Pig
Where did Mr. Baulch go to College? He didn't go to college
Where did Mr. Baulch go to high school? Archbishop Molloy
Indentured Servants Worked 5-7 years for no pay in exchange for a journey to North America. Received land at tools at the end of their service- Found mostly in Middle Colonies
Mercantilism Colonies existed to benefit the mother country. Great Britain had colonies for the purpose of profiting trade Colonies send cheap raw materials to England in exchange for manufactured goods.
Cash Crop Crops that are valuable because they can only be grown in certain climates and soil conditions The source of wealth in the South Tobacco/Indigo/Rice
Middle Passage The journey of slaves from Africa to the Americas aboard a slave ship Conditions were poor and many dies on the journey
Slavery A need for laborers on plantations leads Southerners to turn to slavery as the source of labor on Southern Plantations Conditions were harsh Slaves kidnapped from Africa and treated, bought, and sold like animals
Religious Freedom The main reason why many early settlers left England to live in New England
Tolerance Accepting and appreciating the fact that people are different and will have different beliefs and ways of doing things.
Geography The natural resources, physical features, and climate of a region. Geography is the main force that shapes the way of life of the people of a region.
Anne Hutchinson & Roger Williams Their disagreement with the Puritan government of Massachusetts led them to be kicked out the colony. Roger Williams will bring settlers to a new area and establish Rhode Island.
Plymouth Second Permanent settlement (after Jamestown) - settled by Pilgrims seeking religious freedom. Early struggles are overcome by help from Native Americans.
Salem Witch Trials Hysteria over witchcraft leads to the execution of 20 townspeople and the jailing of over 100 others
Created by: rbaulch
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