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Second Six Weeks CAT

What did imperial and national colonization laws do for the colonies? Allowed the states to regulate them.
What colony created an explosion in the population in Texas? Austin's Colony
What did the Mier y Teran report include? 1.) Increase trade between Mexico and Texas 2.) More control over Texas with the military 3.) European and Mexican immigration is encouraged
What law threatened the prosperity of Texas? Law of April 6, 1830.
What two events happened in 1821? 1.) Stephen F. Austin established a colony 2.) Mexico gained its independence
Which event explains the rebel attacks at Anahuac? Turtle Bayou Resolutions
What did the Mexican Federal Constitution include? 1.) Elect Politicians 2.) Have Liberty 3.) Possess Property
In what order did these events occur? (Austin's arrest, Mier y Teran Report, Fredonian Rebellion, Law of April 6, 1830) 1.) Fredonian Rebellion 2.) Meir y Teran Report 3.) Law of April 6, 1830 4.) SFA arrested
What era did empresario's bring settlers to Texas? Mexican National Era
Who brought three hundred settlers to Texas? Stephen F. Austin
What region was Austin's colony located in? Gulf Coastal Plains
What happened to Stephen F. Austin after his letters were intercepted by the Mexican Government? He was arrested because Mexican citizens did not have protections of freedom of speech and press.
Which event led to law of April 6, 1830? Mier y Teran report
What year did Texas declare independence? 1836
Which battle was the "Come and Take It" flag used to instigate the first battle of the Texas Revolution? Battle of Gonzales
What years do we see increased tension between Texas and Mexico? 1826-1834
What did Stephen F. Austin put in his letter he sent to San Antonio? Texas should establish its own temporary state government.
How did an empresario advertise their land? Telling the people of the fertile soil
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