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HI Pp. 109-114

Ch. 10 QUIZ

What was Byzantium renamed? "New Rome"
In what year did Constantinople become the capital of the Eastern Empire? 395
the first great leader of the Byzantine Empire Justinian 1
Justinian's gifted general; reestablished the Roman imperium over North Africa, Italy, and parts of Spain Belisarius
the most magnificent church building of the early Middle Ages and the greatest achievement of Byzantine architecture Cathedral of Hagia Sophia
the portion of the world in which Christianity was the dominant religion Christendom
biblical principles combined with existing Roman law Justinian Code
Justinian's wife in whom he was greatly inspired by Empress Theodora
What 2 invaded the Byzantium empire from the WEST? Lombards and Normans
What 2 invaded the Byzantium empire from the NORTH? Avars and Bulgars
Who harassed the Byzantium empire from the east? Persians
Who defeated the Avars and the Persians of the Byzantium empire? Heraclius
military provinces of the Byzantium empire Themes
the religion that menaced the Byzantines in the Arabian Peninsula Islam
a Byzantine invention similar to flamethrower; the secret weapon they used to defeat both assaults "Greek fire"
the great general responsible for saving Constantinople during the second siege Leo 3
an abstract, simplified image or picture of Christ, Mary, or one of the saints Icon
a Macedonian by birth, led a restoration of Byzantium's power Basil 1
The Byzantium empire was at its greatest height since the days of who? Justinian the Great
In 1071, the Selijuk Turks won major victory over the Byzantines in what battle? Battle of Manzikert
the last Byzantine emperor Constantine 11
called "the Conqueror" Muhammad 2
T\F: The glorious Byzantine Empire had come to an end after ruling for over a thousand years. T
What church gradually developed after the permanent division of the Roman Empire? Eastern Orthodox Church
In what year did the two churches split? 1054
a public worship service of superstition, symbolism, and pageantry Greek liturgy
"Apostle to the Slavs" Cyril
a script based on the Greek alphabet; the foundation for the Russian and Slavic alphabets Cyrillic alphabet
T\F: The Byzantine church's greatest contribution to civilization was the preservation of the Greek NT church. T
What became the basis of Erasmus's 1516 edition of the Greek NT? Byzantine text
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