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Quarter 1 Assessment

Review Sheet

What is meant by the phrase the “Gilded Age?” Society looked great from the outside, but had major problems within.
What is meant by the phrase “Robber Barons Powerful industrialists who were criticized for their business practices.
What did Social Darwinists believe? Government should stay out of business affairs, industrialists had every right to their fortunes, weak businesses deserve to fail, and there was no problem with monopolies.
How did labor unions fight to get better conditions and higher wages? Collective bargaining, strikes, and some violence like at the Homestead strike.
What was the status of labor unions in the U.S. in 1900? Unions were struggling to gain public acceptance.
Why was J. D. Rockefeller targeted by the federal government? Because he organized his businesses in the form of a trust.
What was the purpose of anti-trust legislation? To increase business competition, which should benefit the economy.
Why did most immigrants come to America (late 1880s / early 1900s)? Jobs were available.
What motivated nativism in America (late 1800s)? Hostility toward immigrants coming to the U.S. to work.
Define the Roosevelt Corollary: It gave the U.S. the right to intervene in Latin American affairs
Define imperialism: A country (like the U.S.) controlling the land, trade, or government of another country.
What was the immediate cause of the Spanish-American War of 1898? The explosion of the USS Maine off the coast of Cuba.
Who was Emilio Aguinaldo? A major leader of the Filipino independence movement during the Philippine-American war.
What were outcomes of the Spanish-American War of 1898? It helped make the U.S. into a world power.
Why was the Panama Canal built? To help create a two ocean naval defense.
What is muckraking? Writers exposing corruption in politics, business, and society.
How did the book The Jungle influence the federal government? Legislation like the Pure Food and Drug Act was passed.
How did women earn the right to vote in 1920? Activists like Carrie Catt AND Alice Paul put pressure on the government. Also, WWI era women proved their worth during the war effort.
How were African-Americans kept from voting or gaining political power? Jim Crow Laws (legal segregation), voting restrictions (poll taxes), and sometimes violence (lynching).
The NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) did what for African Americans? Used the court system to fight against discrimination.
Created by: jdevore
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