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•The Constitution of the United States, including the Bill of Rights –___Established_____________ the __structure ___________of the United States government
–Guaranteed ___Equlity under____ ________ the _law______ with ____Majority________ rule and the rights of the ___minority __________ protected
–Affirmed with all people Individual_________worth and ____dignity_____
_Protects_____________ the fundamental freedoms ____Religon _________ speech, _press___________, __assembly______________, and petition
Step one proposal _____2/3 votes for house of congress__________________________________ or ________National convetion __
House of rep _290_______must approve of the proposal____________________
Ratification of the states ____3/4 votes of ____________ _____________ States must ____Admendment ____
First method Proposed by congress in a 2/3 vote in both houses Ratifilyed by the states legesture in 3/4 votes (38) of the u.s 26 of 27 added this way
second method Proposed by congress in a 2/3 vote in both houses Ratifilyed by Convetions held in 3/4 of the states 21 admandment added this way
Consent of the goverment people are the sourece of all govermentall power
Limited goverment Goverment is not all powerful and may do only things people have given it the people the to do
Rule of law The goverment and those who govern are bound by the law
Demacracy In a democritic system of goverment the people rule Democracy means people rule and are in control
Representative goverment In a Representative system of govermeny people elect public officerholders to make laws and conduct goverment on their behalf
Representative goverment First we vote for the best repesentative we think is the best choice based on what they do or make better
Charters of the Virginia Company of London Authored by king james the 1 Charter: guarantees the the right Of englishmen Main impacted provided a government for the Virginia colony
Virginia Declaration of Rights Drafted by george mason It serves as a model for the bill of rights
Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom Was the basis for religious beliefs and opinions Established a separation of churches and states
Declaration Of Independence Authored by thomas jefferson, Stated grievances Against the king of Great britain Affirmed certain unalienable rights life,liberty, and the pursuit of happyness Established the idea that all people are created equal under the law
Articles of Confederation Established the first form of national government for the independence states, States would hold power, articles of confederation was written november 15,1777 b the constitution congress
Domestic of concern to or concerning the internal affairs of a nation
Tranquility an untroubled state free from disturbances
Posterity all of the offspring of a given progenitor
Ordain Order something
Welfare Happy, Healthy, prospers
Jurisdiction a illegal right over something
Infringe to go against, as of rules and laws
Deprive To Take
Justice Fairness or equlity
Union The state of being joined
Common defense Military protection
Redress fix something that was broken
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