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History Exam 2

Federalist Era was between what years? 1789 - 1801
Federalists were interested in a ________ central government. Stronger
Jay’s Treaty is negotiated with England in what year? 1794
When did the whiskey rebellion occur? 1791 - 1794
What was the whiskey rebellion? The Whiskey Rebellion, also known as the Whiskey Insurrection, was a tax protest in the United States beginning in 1791, during the presidency of George Washington
The Bank of the United states opened when and where, and who proposed it? Proposed by Alexander Hamilton, the bank opened in Philadelphia in 1791.
What is Alexander Hamilton's "Report on Manufacturers"? It proposed an extensive program of government aid and other encouragement to stimulate the development of manufacturing enterprises so as to reduce America’s dependence on imported goods.
Hamilton’s proposed Bank of the United States would have three primary responsibilities: What were they? a secure repo for gov funds & facilitate the transfer of monies to other nations;2.to provide loans to fed gov & to other banks to facilitate econo dev; &to manage the nation’s $ supply by reglting the money-issuing activities of state-chartered banks.
Who were republicans of the Federalist Era? The republicans were opposed to Hamilton's financial policies and Madison was the leader. The differences in philosophies created republicans against federalists.
What was Hamilton's Achievement? Kick start the new american economy. Against fierce opposition, Hamilton had established the foundations for what would become the world’s most powerful capitalist republic.
What was the Alien act and Alien enemy act? When did they appear? What president supported them? The Alien Act empowered the president to deport “dangerous” aliens. The Alien Enemies Act authorized the president in time of declared war to expel or imprison enemy aliens at will. 1798 Adams.
What did Daniel Boone do, and then do two years later? In 1773, Boone led the first group of settlers through the Appalachian Mountains at the Cumberland Gap. Two years later he and thirty woodsmen used axes to widen the Warriors’ Path into what became known as the Wilderness Road
When did the XYZ affair occur, and who went to France? 1797, John Marshall, the viriginia federalist, and Eldridge Gerry, as mass. republican, and John Pickney
The ____ was a political and diplomatic episode in 1797 and 1798, early in the administration of John Adams, involving a confrontation between the United States and Republican France that led to an undeclared war called the Quasi-War. XYZ affair
______, the first in which the Supreme Court declared a federal law unconstitutional. What year? Marbury v. Madison (1803)
Chief Justice John Marshall, is a... a brilliant Virginia Federalist and ardent critic of Jefferson, his distant relative, held that Marbury deserved his commission but denied that the Court had jurisdiction in the case.
Describe the barbary Pirates issue... Med. pir in fast ships called corsairs capt Amer vessels & enslaved them. gov paid demands first to Mor in 1786, then to the others in the 1790s.1801, ruler of Tripoli upped demands & declared war on US by sym of chop down the flagpole at the U.S. cons
When did the Louisiana Purchase occur? 1803
The greatest single achievement in Jeffersons adminstration The Lousiana Purchase.
What was the Louisiana Purchase. The Louisiana Purchase (1803) was a land deal between the United States and France, in which the U.S. acquired approximately 827,000 square miles of land west of the Mississippi River for $15 million.
The Lewis and Clark expedition occurred when? 1804-1806
What is impressment and when was it occurring? So, impressment was one harassment tactic taken by the British to deter the US selling of goods to the British enemies. 1806 - 1807.. Jefferson’s response was timid on July 12, 1807, ordering british out of ports.
Who was Tecumseh? the Shawnee leader who tried to unite Indian tribes in defense of their lands. Tecumseh was killed in 1813 at the Battle of the Thames
Andrew Jackson Andrew Jackson, was known for his combative temperament and propensity for dueling, Became the 7th president of the United states and was responsible for the tragedy of the trail of tears -- moving the seminole indians out of florida.
What was the Hartford Convention? And when did it occur? from December 15, 1814 – January 5, 1815 in Hartford, Connecticut, United States, in which the New England Federalist Party met to discuss their grievances concerning the ongoing War of 1812& pol problems
When was the cotton gin invented and who invented it. Eli whitney 1793
The first major turn-pike was? And when? Philadelphia-Lancaster Turnpike in 1794 (the term turnpike derives from a pole, or pike, at the tollgate, which was turned to admit the traffic). By 1821, some four thousand miles of turnpikes had been completed.
What was the name of the first successful steam boat, and what voyage did it take at first? The first commercially successful steamboat appeared when Robert Fulton and Robert R. Livingston sent the Clermont up New York’s Hudson River in 1807.
What is the Erie Canal, and when? 1825, the Erie Canal, forty feet wide and four feet deep, was open for the entire 363 miles from Albany to Buffalo; branches soon put most of the state within its reach.
What did the Erie Canal do to the US economic growth? The Erie Canal was the longest canal in the world & virtually revolutionized American economic development. It reduced travel time from New York City to Buffalo from twenty days to six, and the cost of moving a ton of freight plummeted from $100 to $5.
By 1859, what did railroads do? railroads had greatly reduced the cost of freight and passenger transportation.
In ____ what type of ship changed Ocean transportation for US? 1845, Clipper ships
Who invented the telegraph, and when was the first transmission? And when was it invented? In 1844 the first intercity telegraph message was transmitted, from Baltimore to Washington, D.C., on the device Samuel Morse had invented back in 1832. The telegraph may have triggered more social changes than any other invention.
National Trades’ Union is organized in what year? 1834
The Era of good feelings ends when? The election of 1824 marks the end of the era of good feelings.
Andrew Jackson caused _____ with banks _____ funds. He was also responsible for the __________ removing indians out of florida Jackson - makes inflation because the banks are injecting funds. Jackson moved indians out of florida. Trail of tears
Andrew Jackson was very unpopular with _______ Wealthy Americans, banks, north east, manufacturers.
The panic of ________. 1837 - worst economic downturn - the panic of 1837 - to 1841
By 1821 some ________ miles of __________ had been completed 4000 miles, turnpikes
When was the period of economic growth and development in the US 1815 to 1860.
During the time of economic growth, how can you characterize the South and the north as far as diversification? The south has very little diversification, and the North has a lot, econoically.
Who created the new reaper (McCormick Reaper) and when? How many acres a day could it do? Cyrus McCormic, 1834, and it replaced the Scythe. 12 acres a day.
Pitts Brothers Thresher was created in what year and by whom? In 1840, by John and Hyrem Pitts. This thresher could to 20 to 25 bushels an hour, threshing seeds.
When was the national road built? What cities did it connect? 1811 to 1838, From baltimore to illionoise, connects these two cities because they were far from the waterways (port and canal from the lakes). Now they were subject to more commerce.
What was the impact that the market Revolution of the 1850's? Markets can now sell to places far away due to the new transportation methods. The economoy is becoming more national.
When was the age of reform? The Age of Reform - 1820’s through 1840
Second Great awakening starts in ______ Describe it? New York State.people would come from all over community to listen to preacher - outside. in tents. — damnation and emotional sermons were designed to inspire an emotional response in the listen - designed to inspire in you an emotional response.
Who was the key figure of the great awakening? Charles Grandison Finney
What happened to the economy of cities and their populations during the industrial revolution? like those of many other cities, grew rapidly in the early nineteenth century.
The first clipper ship appeared? What is a clipper ship? 1845, Rainbow. A ship design that incorporated more masts and sleeker design that was extremely fast. It opened up tea trade with China.
_____ invents the sewing machine in what year? Elias Howe, in 1846
What was the monroe doctrine?
What was the “CORRUPT BARGAIN” of 1824? The House elected Adams over rival Jackson. It was widely believed that Clay, the Speaker of the House at the time, convinced Congress to elect Adams, who then made Clay his Secretary of State. Supporters denounced this as a "corrupt bargain."
Who ran in the election of 1824? John Quincy Adams, William Crawford, Andrew Jackson, and Henry Clay
What and when did the Missouri Compromise occur? March 2, 1820, an amendment to exclude slavery from the rest of the Lousiana Purchase north of 36degrees30. Everything south would be slave. This happened when missouri applied ot be a state, then they added Maine as a free state to balance.
Dartmouth College v. Woodward , involved an attempt by the New Hampshire legislature to alter a provision in Dartmouth’s charter, under which the college’s trustees became a self-perpetuating board.
Gibbons v. Ogden was what? and when did it happen? Gibbons v. Ogden (1824) - supreme court gave congress the power to regulate the interstate, by the commerce clause of the united states constitution, power to reg navigation
When did the battle of Tippercanoe occur? November 7, 1811
The religion of Shakers took off during what years? 1820’s and 1830’s
What was the temperance movement? A temperance movement is a social movement against the consumption of alcoholic beverages
The Embargo Act of 1807 was a general Embargo that made any and all exports from the United States illegal. It was sponsored by President Thomas Jefferson and enacted by Congress.
What caused the panic of 1819. A collapse in cotton prices set it off.
What was the Rush–Bagot Treaty or "Rush–Bagot Disarmament", It was a treaty between the United States and Britain limiting naval armaments on the Great Lakes and Lake Champlain, following the War of 1812.
What is the spoils system? AJ believed that politicians should serve one term in gov before returning to the status of citizen officials who stayed in office too long grew corrupt. he vowed to replace federal officials with his own supporters
Jackson’s administration was from the outset divided between the partisans of Secretary of State _______ and those of Vice President ________. Martin Van Buren, John C. Calhoun
When did the Indian Removal Act occur? 1830
Who were the Whigs? The whig party rose up in response to Andrew Jackson's behavior as president, a party of people that opposed AJ. Whig party won the election of 1840.
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