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World Religions

Reincarnation, Karma, and Dharma are important concepts in this religion. Hinduism
Believed that if all humans acted in harmony with the universe, their affairs would prosper Confucianism
Founded by Siddhartha Gautama Buddhism
Essential teachings concern the Four Noble truths Buddhism
In what religion did yoga develop? Hinduism
King Solomon was one of the most well-known rulers. Judaism
The Quran is their holy book. Islam
Simon Peter and other disciples taught that Jesus was the Savior and son on God come to earth to save all people Christianity
Believed to be founded by Lao-Tse Daoism
Its founder urged people to "measure the feelings of others by one's own." Confucianism
Believes that individuals only have to accept Christ as their Savior to be saved and go to Heaven Christianity
Believes that the faithful who follow the law are guaranteed a place in an eternal paradise Islam
The three aspects of this religion are the covenant, the law, and prophets Judaism
The Edict of Milan proclaimed official toleration of this religion Christianity
Everyone is governed by the Five Constant Relationships Confucianism
What are the five levels of the Hindu caste system, beginning at the top? Brahman, Kshatriyas, Vaisyas, Sudras, and Untouchables
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