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US History - Ch &

US History - Chapter 7

Changes to the Articles of Confederation had to be approved by how many states? 13
Delegates from which state did not show up to the Constitutional Convention? Rhode Island
What were some major weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation? Could not collect tax, could not raise a navy, could not print a common currency.
What was the single territory that was created out of the lands north of the Ohio River and east of the Mississippi River? Northwest Territory
What is a republic? A government in which citizens rule through elected representatives.
Why did the farmers who supported Shays Rebellion want to shut down the courts? So judges could not remove farmers from their land.
What did Edmund Randolph's Virginia Plan entail? Two houses in the national legislature, representation based on population.
When large and small states couldn't agree on whether or not to count slaves in the population when determining representation, what compromise broke the deadlock? 3/5ths Compromise
Convention delegates agreed that the Constitution must be approved by how many states? 9 states
Those who opposed the Constitution feared the national government would take rights away from the people.
The belief that all people have a right to life, liberty, and property was promoted by philosopher John Locke
Under the federal system of government, what or who is the final authority? The Constitution
The movement that influenced the Constitution's architects was the Enlightenment
Which uprising occurred when the petitions of the Massachusetts farmers went unanswered? Shays Rebellion
Who developed the Virginia Plan, which provides the basic framework and central ideas of the U.S. Constitution? James Madison
What is the system set up to maintain a balance of power between the three branches of government? Checks and balances
What are some powers that belong to the federal government, according to the Constitution? Federal courts settle disputes between the federal government and the states.
What are a few powers that belong to individual states? Control trade within their state, set up local governments and schools, determine marriage and divorce laws.
What was the greatest criticism of the Constitution? It had no Bill of Rights.
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