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History Chp.3

What is a charter? an official document that gives certain rights to an individual or group
Who is Squanto? he brought the pilgrims seeds of native plants- and showed them how to plant them. He also taught the settlers how to catch eels from nearby rivers
What is the Mayflower Compact? the first document in which American colonists claimed a right to govern themselves
Who is a pilgrim? a person who takes a religious journey
What is a representative gov.? the form of government in which voters elect people to make laws for them
Who is John Smith? he was sent from London to lead the colony
What was the starving time? the terrible winter of 1609-1610
What was the purpose of finding Jamestown? they hoped to find silver and gold or a place to trade with the Indians for furs
What was the purpose of finding Plymouth? they wanted to separate from the Church of England and practice Christianity in their own way
What crops did they grow in Jamestown? they grew tobacco
What crops did they grow in Plymouth? they had corn, beans and pumpkins
What were the conditions in Jamestown? Swampy peninsula where insects thrived on warm weather. Many colonists caught diseases such as malaria and died.
What were the conditions in Plymouth? They arrived too late to plant crops and didn't have enough food. Half the colonists died from hunger or disease.
What were the types of settlers in Jamestown? They were from England. They weren't farmers but were skilled in outer trade. They went to look for gold and silver.
What were the types of settlers in Plymouth? Today we call these people Pilgrims. Religious who wanted freedom.
Who is John Winthrop? he left from England to go to North America; they had formed the Massachusetts Bay Company which received a charter to establish settlements in what are now Massachusetts and New Hampshire
What is toleration? recognition that other people have the right to different opinions
Who is Roger Williams? believed that Puritans should completely split from the Church of England. also criticized colonists who seized Native American lands. Was forced to leave and he bought land from Native Americans in what is now called Rhode Island.
Who is Anne Hutchinson? questioned some Puritan teachings; was put on trial and was kicked out of Massachusetts; established a settlement on an island that is now part of Rhode Island.
Who is Thomas Hooker? disagreed with Puritan leaders; left Massachusetts and settled in what is now Connecticut; later Connecticut received a charter from the king granting it self-government
Who is John Wheelright? he was forced to leave Massachusetts; him and some followers moved to New Hampshire. Massachusetts tried to take control of New Hampshire but the king made New Hampshire a separate colony
How did the lack of religious toleration affect politics in the Massachusetts Bay Colony? the people were divided by religion. only male citizens could vote.
How did geography affect the New England economy? they couldn't farm because the soil wasn't good to farm in
How did the charter of the Virginia Company help the colonization of the Americas? it gave the Virginia Company authority over a large portion of North Americas' Atlantic coastlines.
What problems resulted because Puritans did not believe in religious toleration? many people got expelled from their colony who didn't believe in their religion
Why do you think the Mayflower Compact is an important part of our country's history? it gave us the right to govern ourselves
What marked the start of representative government in North America? the House of Burgesses
What is a town meeting? an assembly of townspeople that decides local issues
Who is Metacom? the chief of the Wampanog, his English name is King Phillip
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