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History: New England

New England colonies (1st test)

Southern New England colonies Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island
Northern New England colonies New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine
Describe New England's geography Hills and low mountains. Thin, rocky soil that made farming difficult. Narrow plains along the Atlantic coast. It has rivers and forests. Long jagged coast line.
Did New England colonists farm or fish? They fished bc their soil wasn't good for farming and they had the nicest fishing grounds in the world
Why did colonist in New England live longer than colonists of Virginia? The New England winters long & snowy and the summers were cold & warm, so New England colonists got fewer diseases
Differences and similarities of the pilgrims and puritans Pilgrims- 100 people, split from Church of England, low social status, better relationship w native americans Puritans- 900 people, reformed Church of England, better social status
What government did MBC have? Elected assembly (the general court) and each town sent representatives to the assembly. The general court and governor was elected each year. Only adult male citizens could vote.
Did MBC practice religious toleration? No they didn't believe non puritans had the right to different opinions
Why was providence founded? Williams said that colonists should pay Native Americans for their land and he didn't agree with the Church of England. He moved to Rhode Island, bought land from the Native Americans and founded providence where people could practice religion freely
Who founded Massachusetts and why was it founded? John Winthrop and religious freedom
Who founded Connecticut and why was it founded? Thomas hooker and political freedom (wanted more power for more people)
Who founded New Hampshire and why was it founded? Settlers who were seeking new opportunity and space (economic opportunity)
Who founded Rhode Island and why was it founded? Roger Williams and belived in religious tolerance and that people should pay native Americans for their land
Who is Thomas hooker? Puritan minister who started at MBC & went to Conneticut bc he wanted political freedom. belived people should have more power so he wrote the fundamental orders which stated that men could vote and limited the power of governors. Justified bc democracy
Who is roger Williams? Started at MBC and went to rhode island. Belived in religious tolerance and that people should not steal land from native Americans. Justified bc the 10 commandments say not to steal
Who is Anne Hutchinson? Started at MBC and went to New Hampshire. Put on trial then kicked out of Massachusetts. Belived redemption was God's gift and could not be earned.
Who is John wheelright? Started at MBC and went to Maine. He was forced to leave MBC bc he agreed w some of Anne's views. He taught that moral life was sufficient grounds for salvation
Who is John Withrop? Puritan minister and authoritan who led the puritans out of England to North America (New Hampshire and Massachusetts) belived only fellow puritans should have a voice in government. Founded Massachusetts
Roger Williams formed the basis of what 2 American ideas? Freedom of religion & separation of church and state
What was king Henry VII's role in motivating pilgrims to go to North America? He started the Church of England but pilgrims didn't like it because they wanted freedom. Because of this they went to North America
Why do people go to the Americas? Opportunity, money, escape from trouble
What makes colonies/ cities in America different •location •natural resources •certain crops, industries, and textiles •people who found it •climate
How did religious beliefs and dissent belief influence the New England colonies? Roger Williams disagreed with the religious approach in Massachusetts
Who is John smith He was sent from London to lead the Jamestown colony. He had tough rules and many new colonists came to Jamestown because of him. He raided Native American villages for food and angered Powhatan
Who is Squanto Native American who brought the pilgrims seeds of native plants (corn, beans, and pumpkins) and taught them how to plant them. Also taught them how to catch eels. Contributed to the first thanksgiving
Who is Metacom Chief of Wampanoag who was aka king Phillip who lead the opponents of the English to stop the Puritan expansion. Him and his allies destroyed 12 English towns but then was captured and killed leaving the English colonies free to expand
Difference between the purpose of Jamestown and Plymoyth? Plymouth- pilgrims needed a place to go and practice Christianity instead of being forced into the Church of England. Jamestown- to gain share of the wealth in North America
Different crops of Plymoyth and Jamestown? Plymouth- corn, beans,pumpkin Jamestown- tabacco, vineyards with grapes and mulberry trees
Why is Roanoke called the lost colony? The first colony established there disappeared. The second colony established on Roanoke island was lead by John White and when he went back to England for the supplies, the only thing left in Roanoke was the word Croatoan
Created by: laurenwillis
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