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UShist 6.3

Quiz Practice

Lost Generation pessimistic American Authors who wrote of the despair of World War I and the shallow materialism of the prosperous 1920's
Sinclair Lewis "Lost Generation Author" satirized the materialism of the American middle class
Congress The NAACP tried to get them to pass legislation against racial discrimination in the 1920's
Langston Hughes most famous poet of the Harlem Renaissance
Marcus Garvey founder of the Negro Improvement Association supported the "back to Africa" movement before he was deported from the US
Expatriate is someone who, by choice, lives outside of his home country
Ku Klux Klan was a group that wanted to rid America of all "impure" people
NAACP an organization working for justice and equality for blacks
African Americans a goal of the NAACP was to make people aware of crimes against ________
Created by: Freshmensphs