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Chapter 11 Review

Who was Stephen F. Austin? empresario who founded a colony on the lower Colorado River in 1822.
How did the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, signed in 1848, affect the U.S/ It increased the size of the U.S. by 25%
How did Texan settlers disobey Mexican laws in the 1820s? By bringing slaves with them to Texas
What happened during the Bear Flag Revolt? a small group of Americans seized the town of Sonoma and declared California's independence
What happened to all of the Alamo's defenders? they were all killed
Who were the Californios? colonists living in California
How was Sam Houston's army able to defeat the Mexican army at the Battle of San Jacinto? they surprised attacked the Mexican army
Why did President Jackson refuse to annex Texas to the U.S.? he did not want to upset the balance between free and slave states in the U.S.
What happened to California's population as a result of the gold rush? immigrants and Americans flocked to California to get rich quick and stayed to build a stable frontier society
How did women make money in mining communities? operating boarding houses
What lesson might a western traveler might have learned from the story of Donner party? don't take short cuts
Who were the Forty-Niners? gold seekers from America and abroad who migrated to California
What city was occupied during the Bear Flag Revolt? Sonoma
What treaty increased the size of the U.S. by almost 25%? Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
What was the name of the mission that was besieged during an important battle of the Texas Revolution? the Alamo
Who was the Mexican general who was captured at the Battle of San Jacinto? Santa Anna
Who was head of the Mormon Church after the murder of Joseph Smith? Brigham Young
What was manifest destiny? idea that the U.S. was bound to expand to the Pacific Ocean and spread democracy
Who were mountain men? western fur traders and trappers
Who were empresarios? agents who brought settlers to Texas
How did the U.S. government help traders traveling on the Sante Fe Trail? they sent troops to protect against Indian attacts
Why did Mormons move from New York to the West in the early 1830s? to seek religious freedom
What put an end to American fur trading in the 1840s? Beaver fur went out of fashion and demand fell
How long did the Oregon Trail take to travel? Six months
Created by: shawna_westbrook