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Verbs N-Q

French infinitives starting N thru Q

Nager To swim
Naître To be born
Narrer To narrate
Naviguer To navigate
Négliger To neglect
Négocier To negotiate
Neiger To snow
Nettoyer To clean
Neutraliser To neutralize
Nier To deny, disclaim
Noircir To blacken, turn black
Noliser To charter
Nommer To name
Noter To write down
Notifier To notify
Nouer To tie, knot, loop
Nourrir To feed
Noyer To drown, flood
Nuire To harm
Obéir To obey
Obliger To oblige
Obscurcir To darken, obscure
Observer To observe
Obstiner (s') To insist, be obstinate
Obtenir To obtain
Obvier To prevent, make unnecessary
Occlure To occlude
Occuper To occupy
Octroyer To grant, bestow, award
Offenser To offend
Officier To officiate
Offrir To offer
Oindre To anoint
Omettre To omit
Opérer To operate
Opposer To oppose
Opprimer To oppress
Opter To opt, choose
Ordonner To arrange, organize
Orienter To orient; to position
Orner To decorate, adorn
Oser To dare, venture, risk
Ôter To remove, take away
Oublier To forget
Outrepasser To exceed, surpass
Ouvrir To open
Pacifier To pacify
Pâlir To become pale, fade
Paraître To seem, appear
Parcourir To cover, travel, browse, traverse, scour
Pardonner To forgive
Parer To prepare for; to fend off
Parfumer To perfume, scent
Parier To bet, wager
Parler To talk
Partager To share, split, portion out
Participer To participate
Partir To leave
Parvenir To reach, succeed, attain
Passer To pass
Patiner To skate, crawl, skid
Payer To pay
Pécher To sin, err
Pêcher To fish, go fishing
Pédaler To pedal; to hurry
Peigner To comb
Peindre To paint
Peler To peel
Pendre To hang
Pénétrer To enter
Penser To think
Percer To pierce
Percevoir To perceive
Percher To perch; (familiar) to hang out
Perdre To lose
Perfectionner To perfect
Perforer To perforate
Périr To perish
Permettre To permit
Perpétrer To perpetrate
Persister To persist
Personnifier To personify
Persuader To persuade
Peser To weigh
Peupler To populate
Photocopier To photocopy
Photographier To photograph
Piéger To trap
Piger (Familiar) to get it; understand, connect the dots, suss
Piloter To pilot, fly; to run, manage
Pincer To pinch; to grip
Piquer To sting, bite; to give a shot
Placer To put
Plaindre To pity, have compassion for
Plaire To please
Plaisanter To joke
Planter To plant
Pleurer To cry
Pleuvoir To rain
Plier To fold, bend
Plonger To dive, plunge, dip
Polir To polish
Pondre To lay ( an egg)
Porter To wear
Poser To put
Posséder To possess
Pourrir To rot, spoil
Poursuivre To pursue, chase
Pousser To push
Pouvoir To be able
Pratiquer To practice
Précéder To precede
Prêcher To preach
Précipiter To precipitate
Préciser To specify, clarify
Prédire To predict
Préférer To prefer
Prendre To take
Préoccuper To preoccupy
Préparer To prepare
Prescrire To prescribe
Présenter To introduce
Préserver To preserve
Présider To preside over, chair
Pressentir To have a premonition, sense, divine
Presser To squeeze
Prétendre To claim, allege, purport
Prêter To loan
Prévaloir To prevail, overcome (literary)
Prévenir To prevent
Prévoir To foresee
Prier To pray, request, bid
Priver To deprive
Procéder To proceed; to behave
Procurer To procure
Produire To produce
Profiter To make the most of
Progresser To progress; to increase
Projeter To project
Prolonger To prolong, extend
Promener To walk
Promettre To promise
Prononcer To pronounce
Proposer To suggest, propose
Proscrire To prohibit, outlaw, disallow
Prospérer To prosper
Protéger To protect
Protester To protest
Prouver To prove
Provenir To come from, be due to
Provoquer To provoke
Publier To publish
Puer To stink
Punir To punish
Organiser To organize
Qualifier To qualify
Quérir To summon, seek, quest
Quitter To leave
Created by: MarkBarron